Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Are you this hood?

Reporter: “Did you know that you could perhaps kill somebody?”
Milton: “Yes, but I wanted to do hoodrat stuff for my friend.”

Reporter: “You don’t think you should be punished for all of this?”
Milton: “Just a little bit — no video games for a whole weekend.”

What is the world coming to... Grand Theft Auto 7 year old style-

Go pick up the new Roots album.. support good music.. its only $9 at best buy... cheap fucks.. put the Big Mac down- and pick up Rising Down---damn that should be their ad campaign..

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Very Dope!

I guess we are keeping a youtube theme this week. I peeped this on the herfection blog. Ryan Leslie has some serious talent.

Spread the Word

Monday, April 28, 2008

Even My Young'n Is Lebron

Sunday, April 27, 2008

..syrup down the sink..

Lupe Fiasco on the Tim Westwood show- Tim is clowin Lupe and his gold chain.. lol
Thats a wack chain- What's next?

Spread the hate thin like butter--

Friday, April 25, 2008

Glow In The Dark Tour, Kellenjamn!

Write to make it right...

Glow In the Dark Tour Tucson,Az WOW is all I have to say. The day started with me going to pick up my tickets. Grabbed the Toy Machine deck and skated down to the McKale Center. On my way I see a dude about the same height as me outside just chillin. Turns out that its Ferrari Murkami aka Ibn Jasper. I chopped it up with dude, he was super cool talked skating, clothes etc. Nice meeting you homie!

Arrived at the show after a mean pre-game party @ Sam Hughes aka Champs. Lupe was on stage first and proceeded to KILL it. He may be the most underrated act on the tour. Next was NERD I think they had the best show out of everyone. Phareal, Chad, Shay and even Fam Lay was there. Their new album is gonna be something special mark my words people. I wanna be a rockstar after watching their set, simply amazing.

Last but not least Mr West took the stage. He put on a hell of a show, I think his set was close to 2hrs. After running through all the hits Kanye left the stage and his Air Yeezy's lit up. Very dope concert, Im out of town but I have pics and video of the show. Im not Glenjamn but I snuck my camera in also.

If you can catch this show when it hits your city please do yourself a favor and go. I already have tickets to the show in Phoenix so I'm seeing it again. Shout outs to my homegirl Kim who snuck me down to the floor and Ibn Jasper.

Pics and video will be up when I get back from my trip.

Someone get God on the phone

Worst president in 70 years!!

From USA Today:
"In a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken Friday through Sunday, 28% of Americans approve of the job Bush is doing; 69% disapprove. The approval rating matches the low point of his presidency, and the disapproval sets a new high for any president since Franklin Roosevelt."
Usher- Love in this Club remix feat. Lil' Wayne & Beyonce- They should make a video for this.

Lebron X Soulja Boy interview.. hahaha

How you gonna say I ain't no 'lo head??

I'm not from NY, but is this really what's hood?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

..Should I say hello..

Or should I say that Hell is Low?

Next Tuesday go pick up the album- If you can't wait, and need your fix early(like i do), here's another one! feat Common The Show

Inspiration behind the Air Yeezy's- wonder how much these are gonna hit for..??

Kanye freestyle over Lollipop... low quality, im sure a studio version will pop up soon

24-karat gold Mac Air- I'm pickin up my MacBook in 15 days- I'm juiced

I'm gonna try and pick this up before I come home or before it's sold out, tryin to add to the collection..

Get your shit together Phoenix-

**Steve Nash- Garbage Nike commercial

I'm goin to see them in concert Friday- I know it's not the Glow in the Dark Tour- but it will due when I'm in Japan!!

...I was on her jock....

15 days left!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This Cant Be Life

$9 million dollars a year to pump fake and turnover the ball? Leandro where were you homie? 0pts? Season isnt over, but yall just made it a lot tougher for everyone. Steve Kerr is gonna catch hell if the Suns lose this series, here we go.

Keep It Movin

I am your arms dealer, more like an armed dealer...

48 Blocks has been KILLIN it, now they got an interview with Beebs.

Nas- be a nigger too, honestly Im not interested in this new project at all. I havent been a Nas fan for a long time and now I see why.

Bad Brains been gettin a lot of love lately. First MTV, now they teamed up with Supreme.

Skeet Skeet Updates you on his life. Very dope.

Pregunta People, What is April 24th? Is it some sort of special day?

1. Bad Brains x Supreme drops

2.Kanye concert in Tucson, Arizona

3. DJ AM @ Dirty Pretty in Scottsdale.

More Foxy, remember this?

AND Congrats to my homie, who just got engaged. He told me before he told his family, wow. Is being married the new single? Nah....

Monday, April 21, 2008


Took a thirty rack to the face this saturday but still remembered this one.

Get some. Have a great week fam.

Bones Brigade

Change clothes and go...

I need a chick with an ill shoe game.

Do you watch Fuel TV? The 808 is my shit!

Yahoo 25 Worst Rappers Of All Time, this is terrible.

Stussy has been busy this year. Now they got a spot inside Ubiq in Philly.

The Playoffs are here, enjoy it. After that its nothing but baseball all the summer. Ugh.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

..All day like Rastafarians do..

Happy 4/20!!

10 things you didn't know chronic..

If you don't watch Bill Maher on the regular your sleepin and missin out on real talk.
"Congressman Barney Frank today introduced a bill/act for removing federal restrictions on the individual use of marijuana. One bill would remove federal penalties for the personal use of marijuana, and the other – versions of which Frank has filed in several preceding sessions of Congress – would allow the medical use of marijuana in states that have chosen to make its use for medical purposes legal with a doctor’s recommendation. Representative Ron Paul joined Frank as a cosponsor of the federal penalties bill".
What a great day for America, might single handily be the best bill ever passed!! hollerrrr!

Whats next? Candy flavored Cocaine... wow.. whats really goin on in the world, you really tryin to have 11 year olds sniffin coke like pixie sticks...

Jaeho, have that grape opt ready when I get home... pass out Johnson all day.... Yeeee Diiiiggg!

Classic Ish--

***lol @ DeShawn Stevenson going 1-9 --- 3 points, and 1 rebound in 38 min, not a good look homie.
"I was built for this, I am not 6-9, 260 pounds to shoot jumpers all night."

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Welcome Home!

And Gav was first dude wit the CLK...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Livin Proof

So what the fu%# ya'll movin on up...

Roxy gets it poppin, I think Im in love with Nicole from Nina Sky sheesh!

Jabari Pendleton 48 Blocks interview. This is inspiration to persue your dreams no matter what. GREAT read right here folks.

They gon' have me on Concrete Loop in my pajamas! I'm a week away from seeing Kanye in Tucson, AZ. GEEKED isnt the right word for what I am. Heres the review of last nights show along with a video. I'm not watching the vid, I wanna wait for the concert.

Catchdubs screams bloody murder tour blog part 1.

I used to hate this song, but it KILLS the club out here...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I don't wanna floss

"I lost my passion"

Well since Kell was busy doin his A&R stuff he asked me to help finish his last post..

Speaking on Wayne- Rolling Stones just named him the best MC of 2008.
Now please stop doing DJ Drama's mixtape # 2819 and drop an album.
"I wouldn't do a song for my sister for less than $75,000."

Rasheed Wallace- the future of NBA coaches
?? Great rare interview on Sheed.

grey Sebago's are a good look for the summer time!

Random Thoughts:

Is it true that La La wouldent go pick up Melo after his DUI?? so the cops drove him home?

I'm home in 20 days!

NBA (western conference) playoffs are gonna be crack!

Wale in LA/Fairfax- talking about Mark Ronson and everything goin on in his life...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


She even wear her hair down her back like mine...

I told you awhile back, but this is the biggest song in the nation. Cant front on it, more updates when I get off the slave ship aka work today.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunny Days

My uncle's Oscar De La Hoya

You missed out on the scottsdale culinary festival, representing more talent out than american idol rewind.

I'm sorry daisy, but it's going to have to be another rockstar.

Big game for the warriors tonight.

Melo's already celebrating.

Pink skies, purple dro and blue bikini tops.

Summer has officially arrived in the valley.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I wouldent bet against it

JD in the studio with Hova, Usher, and Anthony Hamilton.. I think they should of do more of this behind the scene footage..

JD in the studio = classic material

Also if you haven't seen-- Lupe the Killers new video for Paris- Tokyo..

The Foundation

You was born to be a soldier dont ever forget...

Xzibit- The Foundation. Man, this is my favorite song by Alvin dude was a beast Pre- Pimp My Ride days.

"And hatin on a youngin get you X like Kaws". I still need to cop a belt.

Jeff Staple
gets to go to all the ill events. I wanna watch the National Championship game @ the 40/40 Club with Jigga while I get to make some Nike ID's. Instead I watched it at home and got text messages from friends about the game. LAME!

Greg Hunt= self taught and self made. This is a good read considering Im about to buy a new big boy Canon camera.

"Im a fuckin soldier"...People named Kellen are cool!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thank You's

I'd rather pop a bottle, before I pop a gat...

First off I wanna thank Jaeho for last night. Started off at Geisha which might be my new favorite spot. Strawberry Saki is amazing by the way. The DJ mixed Journey and Biggie which sounds bad, but was very DOPE! Next we went to PCL and if you know Jaeho like I do, you know we dont ever wait in line. Skipped the line like my name was Sean John and we were in. Gracias for the night homie, I forgot my camera but pictures should be up on ClubParties sometime today.

DJ-JR kept the club alive last night. If you make it out to Scottsdale please try to catch this dude. As the resident DJ he gets it in! Very dope night thank you's to everybody!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Rock Chalk

Mass St. after KU victory.

They called in back-up monday morning at the Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas definitely getting it done.

Thanks for the pics Jeff!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Man Im Certified

Niggas spit fairy tales, G issues the facts, Not Jeezy, but I sold my fair issue of crack.

Masta Ace- Jeep Ass Nigga

Estelle- Shine

I wanna end up at Diddys House for a party.

Manik Skateboards

Dick Masterson is hilarious...

Crazy Steez Yo!

She even wear her hair down her back like mine...

Me? I'll never be a pro skater, im fine with that. Its fun learning a trick or two and getting inspired. From the beginning its been Girl/Koston/Carroll/Crailtap. But damn new Koston footage gets me amped to set up a board and have a bucket of ice ready for heel bruises (which arent fun). Any new Koston footy gets me inspi(red), corny I know!

I'm gonna go fall and get heel bruises so I can tell girls in the club im a pro skater. Do work son!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I havn't been bloggin much lately, been hella busy wrapping the season up over here in Japan. Last weekend we clinched 1st place with 4 games left in the season. So in honor--we popped bottles!! Now im busy tryin to find way's to occupy my last 3 weeks out here until playoffs start. Championship game is May4th, I'm home May 7th!!!

Jumpin around like House of Pain'

I just work here! Took down Player of the Week award too...

I'm Fine..

This is really the only thing that interest me right now.. Pools-Girls-Booze-Optimos. And how could it not after these videos keep popping up in my backyard, and I'm stuck in Japan??

Part 2: Star Pass Pool Party- Arizona is doin it!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Slighty past them, like the letter N...

Hiroshi Fujiwara Nike Tennis Classic x Fragment Design dope dope dope!

Do you know about Ibn (Kanye's barber/style consultant) aka Ferrari Murakami?

The Girl crew comes to Phoenix.

Memphis, the main criticism was that yall couldnt make free throws. That is the main reason Kansas won. Ugh!

First Jesus Piece, now Switch is calling it quits? Hope not for long.

My homie put me on the list for 6 tomorrow night. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday are the nights to go out. Know that people!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New York City!!!

This is dope. Young Buck- The NY. Where would the world be without Phil Colins?

Movin On Ya Weak Production

Mama used to put my clothes on layaway now Im dipped EVERYDAY...

The Award Tour, I like the young buls grind.

Jerryd Bayless is 1 and done. 'Zona coulda been stacked next year.

Mariah Carey- E=MC2

More 90's goodness, I thought Royal Flush came out with a video for this...

Whos winning the National Championship Monday? I say Memphis will bring home the title. Memphis is the 'hood team of the tourney. Neck Tats and all CDR along with Derrick Rose will bring home the title. I HATE Kansas with a passion.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

...Like The Neptunes Sound

I'm out for dead fuc#$# Presidents to represent me...

Why DJ Neil Armstrong will never go Hollywood. Ive always wanted to go on tour.

On top of that the Tour Bus Life with Jigga.

Mike York's Turfs Up Part:

Belvy+ Cristal= a drunk Dame Dash

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Back In The Go Go

I'm Lennox outta Belly you see me walkin in slow mo'....

Damn Mike, you were a daily read for me. Come back soon homie!

Wale- Back in the go go. Song is dope, 2 things: Wale's album has the oppurtunity to be dope. If his project has substance, then watch out. It cant be an album dedicated to rapping about SB's and the newest streetwear. Number 2, Pusha Terrence is your favorite rappers favorite rapper. Uuugghhh!!!!

Extras were fighting on the set of NERD's Everyone Nose video. Everybody wants to be a star these days.

This Visvim bag is crazy!

Remember this? 90s dance is so ill!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


If you dont know who DJ Evil Dee is get familiar. He is a part of one of my favorite groups of all time Black Moon. THIS mix has been on my iPod for the last week. If you dont like early 90s classic dance/club/house disregard this post. Sometimes its not always about hip hop, REAL DJ'S CAN PLAY ANYTHING.

..there are rules...

This is whats goin down @ Star Pass pool party's Kellen?? Damn you Wildcat boys go extra hard..

I need to get home asap! This is what you were calling me about last year Kellen? And I didn't go... ahhhh I'm Slackin Hack
Tucson gets busy..

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hob Nob

Where everyone knows your name

This Friday, April 4 will mark the beginning of a new home away from home.

As advertised, the Spentzos brothers are finally opening up their own establishment.

The Hob Nob Sports Grill in chandler will be opening its doors to the public starting at 9:00 pm.

There will be a special vip reception beginning at 6:00 pm for families and friends, and if you have to ask, I'll see you at nine.

For the crew, we will be bringing back vintage memories of fumbles, however this time we'll be able to watch the game over some prime rib and flat screens.

Be there, cause believe me this is a beautiful beginning.