Thursday, January 31, 2008


"I've never been robbed in my life"

Rome- you said you were off buyin other ppl's shit.. well here's your chance to create.. 3 different country's.. It's goin down in Shibuya-(fashion district of Tokyo) so you know it's poppin.. It's time-

new Jay-Z- Ain't I- prod. by Timberland---Blueprint 3 on the way?

NBA Rookie/Soph rosters have been announced.. Soph should smack 'em.. with or without B. Roy if he plays Sunday, which he should..

Another reason why I love Japan, and why I would live here another 1o years.. **I need more creatine in my bank account though**

Sneaker Bistro is an excellent blog/boutique, and when I come to NY this summer, I'm in there..

If your not up on Rod Benson's yahoo blog, your sleepin on classic reading material..

Are these not the freshest pair of Jordan's you ever seen? Fight Club is really doin it with these.. sz 14 please..

Are you up on Pointer Footwear? the debaser are money.

99 most desirable women- why is she #1 though?

*Get it poppin this weekend fellas.. Superbowl Week in the 480!!-- 'No excuses, play like a champion'-- Hold it down for me while i'm out in JPN.

DA Hot Spitta's Closet

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm There

Glow in the dark tour, they better come to Phoenix.

..everybody goin thru it..

Pacific Division- Woman Problems

Rarely do I watch videos, but lately there been some heaters out there.. Here another one from.
-Pacific Division <-- dope blog/website..
They remind me of a Slum Village.. but from Cali

The Only Black Kid In Malibu

Monday, January 28, 2008

Wayne's World

I'm a fallout boy, need a stand up girl...

Wayne is back from gettin locked up in AZ. He's mad at his crew for one reason or another, peep the vid here.

..I aint shoot at soldiers..

"I'm goin for the captain"

Plain and simple... Wes Welker was a beast this year for Bill Belichick's squad.. this is a great read about how he got here and where he came from..- undrafted? only 1 scholorship offer? damn what do scouts look for no a days?

and damn that if I would ever pay this much for a Super Bowl ticket...

For those of you been waitin for the MacBook Air.. be @ your local Apple dealers on Tuesday.. I might have to pick one up sooner than anticipated, my hp is startin to act funny on me..

A great read on the writer, producer, and mastermind behind The Wire-- Ed Burns

Is The Hot Boyz reunion really gonna happen for All Star Weekend? doubt it, but that would be classic...

Wanna see what Kobe's rockin in the All Star game-- yeee!

Is it really this easy to cop a 20 sack now? Cali ain't playin with their Chronic... Sheesh!

Pharrell and Louis Vuitton’s Blason collection commercial.. lol @ the edited version of Everyone Nose

A hundred dollar bills-- a chew a chew..

I bring the Rucker

Like Skip 2 ya--

Go Low- directed by non other than Rik Cordero- who always seems to turn nothin into a hot video.
I'm sure most of you slept on Beans album.. I thought that shit was dope though-- Dope being 4-5 good songs.

Here another banger from the album..

Rain- feat. Facemob and Raheem Devaughn..

Sunday, January 27, 2008

KCK Steezy

Friday, January 25, 2008


How did Brandon Roy not make the All-Star team as a starter? I hope he makes it at least as an alternate. This is why the fan votes suck in these games. They vote for their favorites instead of who's playin good ball. Garbage.

We No Limit Soldiers

I thought I told ya...

Say what you want about Master P now, but dude has so many cuts. Pure classic track from TRU- No Limit Soldiers.

DJ Mike B- blog

Wayne this is your tour bus? You wonder why you got caught up?

There's hella parties/events goin on for the Super Bowl which is in my hometown Phoenix, AZ. 944 has a large hand in these events. I plan on getting in to all these events one way or another. Super Bowl coverage next week stay tuned.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Still Spendin That Kriss Kross Money

I'm ya #1 fan, can ya write me back man??

When the talk of producers comes up I never hear anybody mention JD. Dude has made heaters for everyone under the sun in hip hop and R&B. Some classic tracks that I grew up on down below.

Kriss Kross- Alright I remember running home every day during the summer tryna catch this video on Rap City.

Da Brat- Give it to you this is classic JD right here. The Brat was slept on as far as female MC's even if JD was writing her rhymes.

Jon Phenom- blog sprinkled with fashion, music etc.

Reggie Bush after hearing that tape you're giving back the Heisman homie.

The Beatnuts- Stone Crazy

I watched Trainspotting last night after not seeing it in forever. Classic movie, what makes people wanna do heroin again?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

3:10 to Yuma

Everytime I Try and Leave...

"[Tribe] didn't sell 10 million records, so why would people think they had a blanket on the world like that? MC Hammer was way more popular to me than A Tribe Called Quest," he says. "Those hip-hop elitists who think [Tribe] hold the crown and the copyright to hip-hop ... I listen to 8Ball & MJG and I think they're better than [Tribe]."

Thank you, Lupe Fiasco. Thank you, so much. You have no idea how long I have been waiting for an artist to speak the truth. Finally someone isnt afraid to just say what they feel.

Hip Hop is not dead, but hip hop elitists are trying to kill it. I cant tell you how many times I have heard people use the term "Real Hip Hop". Then spout off some self righteous bullshit about their musical taste. can someone please explain to me exactly what is "real hip hop" cause last time I checked, hip hop was just another form of expression.

Music is just another medium for people to express themselves, just like Movies and Literature. But for some reason people act like Hip Hop transcends all that and that it has to conform to some mythical "real" guideline.

Lupe spoke about something that bothers me alot. People have these ideas, that if you dont like so and so, then you dont have good taste. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DONT LIKE GURU? I mean is it so hard to believe that maybe someone has a different preference on what they like? Nick D will tell you, I'm a huge Project Pat fan. But am I flabergasted when someone tells me they think he is garbage? no not at all, cause people are talking about his style more than anything.

Alright Im done, I just read Lupe and he touched my heart. Bottom line... Bump what you like, and dont feel pressure to listen to MF Doom if deep down you feel like getting crunk.

..I'm nothin like you..

Over the weekend, made another trip to Tokyo, the Fam came to visit so I had to show 'em around Tokyo.. ^^Shinjuku^^

If you ever have time in Tokyo, don't sleep on ^^Asakusa- great place for tourist- and the Temple's were ill.. also picked up a dope Samurai Sword to add to my Japanese collection.

This pic is from last weekend, we had a game down in ^^Okinawa.. weather is like Hawaii.. I need to move here asap, Sendai is hella cold..

I only have 3 more months and i'm out!!!!!!!

Flashing Lights

Spotted over @ Yeezy's blog.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


And I wish we could run, to the sun...

N.E.R.D - Everyone Nose

I'm not even gonna judge the new track. Any new NERD is a bonus for me. I hope this project gets a tour and more then 1 video. In search a personal classic and Fly or Die wasnt a bad album. I'm hoping for the best for this album.

Nigga Please...

I'm not knockin the dudes hustle, that ringtone money is serious I'm sure. But you're "hotter" than Weezy, Ye and Jigga? This article is funny.

Like Kurt Cobain Was Here...

First off, lemme thank my connect...

First off Happy Birthday Timmy, do it big.

My boy Jay was tryna put me on game about the Recession. Is it bad that I dont watch news or pay attention to any of this?

Glenjamn is a daily read for me, dude goes out more than me and thats alot. I see Fashen was in LA the other night looked dope.

DJ Skeet Skeet and friends have been killing it at Sundance.

A day in the life of Brian Wenning.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I Cant Sleep

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Meet Jay Biz

Jay Biz is family to the fullest extent. I took a trip to DC a few months ago for the Cmonwealth opening party. One of the coolest, down to earth cats I know. Jay came out to AZ for a wedding and I think he met the entire town. If youre in the "urea" stop by Cmonwealth and Jay Biz will keep you fresh. Stay tuned for the official Jay Biz interview.

The Smoothie shop is a dope idea.


Sidenote: Jay Biz next time I'm in DC I need to meet Mary.

Friday, January 18, 2008

King Of The White Girls

I love you, you know I still love you!!

Orale Way! Mr Cartoon has a blog. Dewitz I'm gettin tatted when you come back. I know what I want, please believe me.

Ive been listening to The Virgins lately I'm suprised they havent blown up yet?

Our homie Changstas blog

A-ron's blog

Damn, stay up Nate Dogg.

This Daft Punk song is ill.

Spotted at Way more fresher

Necktie Series 1

"u need to make the next move yo best move"

January week 2 is over and you ain't heard? They found Bobby Fischer.
Still suited up with Lupe in the deck and this one's for the necktie men...

Everybody grinds.

On the court, on the corner, in the classroom, at the shop, or if you're like me, you hustle everyday, prairie dogging on a cube farm.

I've got a boss with a mean rep and on top of that she's a salad dodger so she capitalizes the second letter in the alphabet to the maximum.

But in something corporate, you work under an umbrella, and you need to pay someone that's been in the game longer than you, respect that is due.

I'm talking about even your seagull managers that fly through, make a lot of noise, shit on everything, and leave.

Remember they're not your future, but a mere part of your past and believe it or not sat exactly where you're at one point so don't let them front on you.

Shout out to those doing what they love.
Respect to those doing what they hate.

As for the rest of us, as ambitious as you are, be equally patient.
You can only enjoy life when you're happy to be alive.

Drive slow homie.

And if you don't already know, Happy Birthday Kellen.
You are a trendsetter and an inspiration to everyone round you.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cali Iz Active

Took a trip out to Cali for my boy's bachelor party. I'll let the pics speak for themselves. Thank you San Diego.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tough Week..

An apology... the new year has not been so kind and I'm dying of a virus.

Much love to the crew; got me busy reading and was just trying to keep up when jay chang emailed me the mac book air. just do it.


The game is just...the game -Avon Barksdale

Nike SB in NYC part 1, any new Gino footage is good footage.

Speaking of NYC OG SF/NYC skater Huf has an interview here.

I remember when everyone laughed at me for having a Mac. Times have changed the Macbook Air looks crazy.

Nas- Surving the Times

So now when college football coaches leave, they destroy all their files? Can't blame em if you do dirt cover your tracks.

Los cientos have new funsticks/shred sleds/stuntwood whatever you call em. If they make 7.5's consider one copped.

Monday, January 14, 2008

We Run Things, Things No Run...

My girl got a girlfriend...

Lakai Spring 08 for Dummeez interesting ish coming from the Lakai crew.

Method Man is heated over a few things. Listen here and here.

You will soon- blog on that skate tip.

A-Ron x The Playboy Channel '08 gonna be a huge year for Off Bowery Productions. me

A Day in Alife

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ron Paul- "I'm not a Racist"

I don't really know what to take from all this racist talk. He sounded guilty to me... But what should I expect him to sound like when hes being accused of a statement like this?? Maybe he is a racist? But does this take away from the fact that he is the best candidate to restore our country??

..Why did you doubt me?

"You better believe me"

Del is set to drop his first solo album in 8 years... The Eleventh Hour self leaked his first single yesterday "Bubble Pop"

Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

List of the Top 20 Sexiest Athlete Wives- Jeff Garcia stays winning!

The Death of Superman aka Shaq..

Milk Was a Bad Choice-blog

If your like me and download everything via Torrents.. then Youtorrent is your new best friend.. ... Steal This Film

Snoop said he's bored with rappers...

... and my Eddie Chen Clot Shit...

Meet Kenny George-- 7ft 7 in... 360lbs.. he plays for North Carolina-Asheville. He can dunk flat footed..
Now watch Tyler Hansbrough shit on him..

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Represents Greatness

Sneaker Fiends unite!
Freshness Mag has the first look at the new Jordan XX3's-- That's "23's" for you knuckleheads.. Obviously the number 23 has huge significance.. and from the first look at the shoe.. I have to say.. its kinda fresh (not a classic)... considering, the last 7 or 8 years have been starbury-ish. I haven't really got down with J's since the XIV's--the XX's were ehh?? Of course he will never be able to make another III, IV, and so on.. and if you even expect that your foolin yourself.. I'm defiantly gonna cop just off GP.. and these will be on my feet this summer, and not on ice...
At any rate.. The limited edition first colorway drops Jan 28th for $230-- and my order will be in.. Mike get at me with that 40% off..

Break down of the shoe...

The City Is At War

30 days later, the lp went gold...

EPMD-So whatcha sayin

Girl x Chocolate x Skate Mental x Fourstar x Royal Wallride #15. Daniel Castillo gettin his pro board is huge. Dude has been on Chocolate since day 1.

Jim Jones feat. Max B-We Roll...this is my shit right here. Got that Sunday afternoon vibe to it like Jimmy said.

A Happy Place: A De La Three Pack!
...Dope post, De La is one of the best groups in hip hop ever. "The only Italian's you knew was iceys".

Jamal Crawford lions, tigers, bears oh my...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

...We eatin over here...

"You like salad to me"

As you can see the team is startin the new years off in correct fashion.. Got a fresh new face lift to the blog, courtesy of my man Mike over @ the Jesus Piece.. I know dude was hella sick of me buggin him for the layout, but much love homie.. And if you haven't noticed we got a new author to the site.. my man Jaheo.. the bul is smooth with his writing skills, and its great addition to the team... So be on the look out, keep your eyes peeled... If you want more Jaheo stop by cognitive reflection for more dope shit from him..
Kell keep holdin the site down.. I've been extra busy out here givin people the business.. My team is in 1st place right now, and I'm 2nd in the league in scoring.. just thought I should throw that in there for the haters
.. Just tryin to eat out Kobe beef, instead of hamburger helper..

If you haven't read or heard about Rod Benson, and the Boom movement.. catch up.. he recently got signed by Yahoo to blog for them.. hes the next Gil Arenas in the Blogsphere...

GOURMET did it big in '07.. Check out their latest
Summer Sneaker Lineup.. The Santo green joints are $auce money...

Paul.. this is for you and Sue to
get your turtle on.. you fag... 'on the low, I'm kinda feelin it too though lol'..

I'm sure most of you have already heard by now.. but if you haven't.. Apple X Jay-Z startin a record label.. They should of waited and signed Jada..

My first New Years purchase- step yer international game up..

Be A Good Sport shout out Khalidgrns!-- your blog is fresh to death.. thanks for readin ours..

Oh and why did Kanye's blog turn into a coolhunting site?

..and I'm gonna end this post with a
link to a sex tape from the most beautifulest(is that even a word?) girl in the world.. Adriana Lima... And Megan Fox loves sex- true story.. but who doesn't?!?

Just Like Tisha Did Martin

Now me and momma got a lot in common, we both like Common but we dont buy his albums...

As long as I can remember dudes always brought their work to the gym. I dont know why, to stunt in front of yer homies? Personally if I'm playin ball the last thing on my mind is some work. But thats where we differ I guess. As of late this has shown up in pro sports. Think Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson, which ended in a loss for the Cowboys.

The latest victim was Raptors perennial All-Star Chris Bosh on Sunday night. His cousin and girlfriend were front row talkin shit to Lebron who wasnt having his best game. Fellas, she can come to the game but draw the line somewhere. What if this had been a playoff game? Wouldnt be so funny to the Raptors if that were the case.

Dewitz, your dude had a career night against Denver.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Put Me On A-Ron!

T-O-N-Y invade NY, multiply kill a cop...

aNYthing was one of if not my favorite company of this whole Streetwear" craze. I loved the do it yourself/hustlers spirit of the entire project. A-Ron got into legal battles which has lead to him parting ways with aNYthing. This is his first 2 part interviews in quite some time. Part 1 Above

Part 2

"I got a big appetite and my plate is full"

Seen on Heron Preston

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Dont Even Wear Famous But....

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Need A Gangsta Bitch

I want a girl wit extensions in her hair, bamboo earrings....

A few days ago my mom asked me "Whats goin on down there in Tucson wit crazy beauty queens?" I had no idea what she was talkin about. But then I saw this and saw what she was talkin about. Damn, fellas these chicas aint playin in 2008.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Berrics

Robots and skateboards nigga?!?!

The Berrics is that new spot. Having your own indoor skatepark in downtown LA is so serious. Everyone from Ricky Webb to Guy Mariano has been through there since it opened.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Canten el coro

Then you tried to snuff Joe - must have been Puerto Rican rum

Stussy D.C opening, you already know Im at that party. DJ AM for the party?

Rome these Clae's are fresh, when?

Thug motivation, just cause the date changed really means nothing...

Yeezy is back like cooked crack.

"Its all in the game yo"
...Final Season I'm geeked. If you dont know about The Wire you're lunchin YERP!

Dupont Menage
watch them over the next year or so.

Chris Bosh wants you to send him to the All-Star Game...bad

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Be Back in a Moment

Happy New Year to everyone... as you can see were havin some Technical Difficulties with the site and new layout.. but it should be up and runnin in a hot minute.. Hope everyone had a safe new year... Kampai..!!