Monday, March 31, 2008

Back Like Cooked Crack

The kids call me sunny,the hood calls me Stacks, the bees call me honey, Hollywood calls me back...

Just flew in from Hawaii on the red eye, not feelin it. Pictures from my trip will be up soon. If you have a chance to head out to Hawaii I highly advise it. One of the best trips of my life.

A-ron presents Off Bowery. Sucks that everything fell through with aNYthing but The Don always comes back strong.

Who lives a better "Rockstar" life than Cisco and Shwayze?

Stussy DC Opening Shirts

Got a chance to stop by In4mation in Honolulu. Shout out to the two cats working, they were knowledgeable and very helpful. If you get a chance stop by there. They are 20 feet away from Louis Vutton, Fendi and Hermes. Bring your credit card, I did!

Question: Who's winning the tournament?

I have Kansas in my bracket, but I'm picking Memphis. Seems like they havent had a challenge really all year. We'll see...

Bag Lady

You crowding my space

I was casually rappin with my man about his recent business trip over an optimo when he mentioned how he avoided major drama with an ex during a session in chicago.

We both found this momentarily amusing, because we predicted the exact same conversation a couple months back passing a different optimo.

You see, at the time, boy was going through the elementary steps of the break up. He told me his game was tight enough and that he would remain civil with this one.

He insisted she was older, intelligent and had an understanding of the reality of the circumstances.

I replied to him that she may be the classiest girl you've ever met, but there is no such thing as an understanding from a broken heart.

Unless you bought her from an animation sex shop from japan, you are lucky to exchange text messages that actually mean what they read... or at least until the next usher lp.

"She may or may not have a carry-on but will always come with baggage"

Not hating. Just understanding how important your shoes are.

Deep as you need . Light another one.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Friday, March 28, 2008


Graffiti, djs, mcs and bboys to ferraris, pushplays, white tees and dboys

Adidas jumpsuits and kangol buckets.

The bboy lives.

Do you Jabba?

Viva hiphop. Love hiphop.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Officer Roberson

"N.W.A. said..."

Got a call from a boy of mine.

Said he was at court and the judge called my name.

Called to find out I had a warrant out for my arrest.

Went the next morning, and was printed a citation I never received.

Asked to take a closer look and saw a signature that wasn't mine.

Judge didn't care just wanted to know how I wanted to plead.

"I really can't miss work again your honor but the signature isn't mine."

Judge didn't care just wanted to know how I wanted to plead.

So I plead guilty to a criminal offense and paid a hundred dollars for littering.

Because my mother raised an honest man unlike Officer Roberson's.

Simply a small casualty of the grand hustle of our justice system.

Dear Officer Roberson,

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Truth Like Soujourner

Ice cream candy, man that shit be comin in handy....

A few things...
1. Have you been watching Stephen Curry play? Dude is the truth. Been killin all year good to see him get national exposure. Hes killin Georgetown right now. Did you know Davidson goes by a strict honor code? The kids schedule their own tests whenever they want and the tests are not supervised by anyone, crazy.

2. Arent you glad Duke lost? Didnt it seem like Demarcus Nelson wast at Duke for 10 years? Where is Daz aka Ricky Price?

3. Is Lute coming back to UA?

4. ASU shouldve made the tournament. Especially when you had schools like USC and Oregon who were one and done.

Ive posted this before I know. This is a top 5 skate part of all time. Harold Hunter's crazy steez and Meth and Ghost over Black Moon.Dope!

Louis Vutton concerts X Murakami X $14 for a bottle of water= The Life of Don C.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm Leavin...

And I'll be somewhere under palm trees calmly...

Big Boi feat Andre 3000 & Raekwon- Royal Flush

Del- No Need For Alarm

They dropped! The question is Brown Leather or Off White Leather?

The Western Conference is still up for grabs, the Suns need to finish strong.

I'm in Hawaii shortly for awhile, pics of the trip when I come back. Everybody be easy!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

..Been Around the World..

"What did you do"

Me and Kell always disagree with one other, and we always will, that's what keeps us close(pause). But I had this big write up about Kellen's last post 1993 and the current state of rap music because im sick of hearing how bad it is- but ill just keep it short and simple and say this. I don't think hip hop 'sucks' as Kell would say, its just in a different state.
The good old days are over when we used to pilfer CD's from Fry's Electronics..ect.. When I jacked 400 degrees just cause the cover art was fire, I didn't know what the hell a Juvenile was. Those days are long gone.. Reason = Internet killed rap music--
Take Lil' Waynes new single for example, Lollipop?? He joking right? Best Rapper Alive made his first single a lollipop? Reason = he made 500 mixtapes in 2007, and ran out of material. That wouldn't of happened back in in the day with no Internet. We all would be anticipating the record release... not no more.. Internet leak baby! We get all that exclusive shit first! Also, your favorite artist, there old now.. and not relevant.. Snoop is a legend, and no one cares about his album (it's called Ego Trippin' fyi), check the numbers below- he let a fake ass Freeway outsell him. This is a living legend were talking about.. Snoop Doggy motha fuckin Dogg- Did anyone buy or download his album? didn't think so... But that's the rap music I grew up on. "I wanna be a motha fuckin hustla, ya better ask somebody-" classic shit.. Its just not relevant or interesting anymore... wait.. this turned out to be to long.. and I'm babbling now, fuck it.. I downloaded all three of their albums. p.s. Snoop did a country song- Let's Talk About It
Sound Scan numbers-
Rick Ross - Trilla 198,956
Snoop Dogg - Ego Trippin’ 136,943
Fat Joe - The Elephant In The Room 46,260

I wouldent consider myself to be a Hypebeast, but I do like exclusive shit.. I don't get into the whole $100+ denim (Edwin's are only $90 out here). And I don't know shit about 'Raw Selvage'... So ill leave that to Kell to keep you laced up fresh.. But Caliroots might be one of my fav blogs/shops and I came across these babies, with the leather at the bottom = Stuntastic -The Swedish cats get it done.

Orange Coast Cheerleaders were gettin busy in their Vegas hotel room after winning the schools 10th National championship. I love shit like this..

Ashley Alexander Dupre is bigger than Girls Gone Wild?? And damn if the 7 Diamond girls are gettin 31 thousand a day.. thats league money.. and makes me wonder who can actually afford that? Is Billy Gates not so square after all??

Jordan Brand footwear director Gentry Humphrey talks about the Jordan Flipside, a skateshoe that’s inspired by the Jordan III and developed with the advice of several skaters, including Stevie Williams

Random Thoughts-

  • Tennessee and UCLA will meet in the championship game. UCLA will win-
  • Is Ben Howland in the top 5 of best active coaches?? Took Northern Arizona to the dance, went to Pitt took them, and now UCLA is a monster in the Pac-10- Why not?
  • Guinness is currently my favorite beer
  • What if we had President Bush another 4 years?
  • I need to get home asap
  • and damn if this wasnt a random ass post, but drinkin Guinness will do that..

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


How about some hardcore yeah we like it raw!!!

For the most part hip hop sucks these days. Maybe in my old age of 25 I have a bit of an elitist attitude, maybe not. I just remember getting allowance every week and going to Circles Music Store in downtown Phoenix and copping something. The first record (as in vinyl) I bought was Marley Marl "The Symphony". I remember sitting at home on my Dads days off and we'd listen to that record all day.

Fast forward some time and 1993 hit. This could be my favorite year for hip hop. I bought "The Source Magazine" with some change that I had. Went to the album reviews section and was gonna cop something new for that week. They didnt have the first TAPE that I wanted so option #2 was Souls of Mischief 93 Til Infinity. This is my favorite album of all time and 1993 is my year for hip hop. With that tirade I present to you...

The Rub-1993 History of Hip Hop

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

East Bay Funk Dunk

Always wear plastic cuz baby shit happens...

The Hundreds x Hieroglyphics crazy.

5andadime has a blog

I need a crail board asap.

10 DEEP Spring Preview


Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday Is The New Saturday

You got ya hands up and I aint even stick yall up...

These Common Projects are BUTTERY!

Do you remember Big Brother Magazine? I have a few old skate videos from that camp. Crazy, but still dopeness at the same time.

Hit the club last night. Walked right in thanks to a homie of mine. No problems. good drinks and DJ JR killed the spot.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Verbal Intercourse

The front of the Maybach, it says payback...

Mighty Healthy Spring 2008, theyve come along way in a few years.

Vgrnts relaunched his site, sort of. Dude always kills it on the photography/fashion/art steez.

Now Jordan Brand is getting into skateboarding?

Stuff Asian people like, Pimped out cars. Do they have a blog for every race now?

Two Black Guys Interview. Inquiring Mind always kills it.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

This Was My Sh*t

Have A Good Weekend

Friday, March 14, 2008

New Weezy

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Still got my Nike Boots...

Wale signs a deal with Interscope. This is interesting to say the least. Last time I was in DC I met Wale and his whole crew. From the looks of the production team that's on board this could be fire. From his marketing to videos I'm sure he's gonna try to raise the bar. Considering DC isnt known for hip hop dude has to set the bar. Last rapper to come outta the "urea" was B-Rich (Whoa Now!) haha.

Wale- Nike Boots

Wale- w.a.l.e.d.a.n.c.e.

We all about that Gun Play

"but still take time out to pray every Sunday"

Is Joey Craaack back? cause "Elephant in the Room" has surprised me.. I'm not even a fan like that either..

Bun B = great interview.. dude always speaks the real.
"At the end of the day, if you’re over 30 you’re not supposed to get Soulja Boy because he doesn’t make music for you". "Our parent’s didn’t like what we liked, and we were listening to N.W.A and Poor Righteous Teachers".

The more and more I listen to this song, the more it's becoming my jam of the week- and lol @ all the youngin's cuttin up that whhhiteeee, and the fake Travis Barker tryin to get some cut up from the 50 year old... The Roots Birthday Girl- or download

Carnegie Mellon University- Sneakerology 101- why wasn't this class offered when I was in school?

Blue Frog in Mumbai

and how bad/embarrassed are you if you can't get a single win in a major conference? My Alma mater needs a major change.. they went 0-18, first time in Pac-10 history.. wow..

The Crash of the Dollar... aka paper with green print.

This is terrible for the people in the states.. But great for me in my job occupation.. Crash of the US Dollar = more money overseas!!

We the Best!!

Just received an email from the lawyers of the PCL, regarding Kellen's post "5 Nigga Rule".
"It has come to our attention that you have recently published, and are continuing to publish, certain false, misleading, defamatory and/or other injurious statements concerning our clients. These statements are being written and published by you under an article entitled "5 Nigga Rule" on the website, and perhaps other publications and/or Web sites of which we are not yet aware". "Your release falsely characterizes our clients as racists. "

I guess people are reading our blog....

Question: Anybody been to Scottsdale lately? have any changes been made??

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Wont Tell

Everyday a different chain, get ya gear up!

Do you know about VBS? They have all types of content as far as videos. Rick Ross Part 1 and Part 2.

My favorite company is killing it right now. As Ghostface says "I'ma rock niggas this summer".

Juelz, what the hell you doin with hollow points? Weed doesnt suprise me.

Flo Rida Mail on Sunday, I have no interest in this but Im sure someone does.

Slim Charles came through Cmon. Thank you for what you did on the last episode. I wont ruin the ending if you didnt see it.

Read my Mind

Excuse me mister engineer hope you're pressin record...

Never thought much of jeezy but trapstar is getting real familiar.

The beginning to most and it's good to see the family catching on.

Some java love, peanut-butter pretzels and cupcakes made with apple sauce for my cubies birthday and per ghostface, I'm good.

Stopped by pcl this weekend under the five stars and found javon walker spraying bottles over white girls cause we drink yak and yall drink cris.

Must be nice to sign a contract.

The only colors by the end of the night were red and white and some homie knocked out in front of the club. I believe the story was he hit a girl.

Shout out to the crew and stay up grinding til we all sign contracts.

Rock this way

Pac 10 tourney this week. fork em devils. Young James.

I found Ms. Lee

Fresh off the plane konichiwa bitches

Just finished our 10 game road trip, 5 weeks straight of boarding planes, hopin on buses, squeezing into rental cars, sleeping in beds that are to small, which wake me up mid-sleep with my calf's crampin up- After all that..were still in 1st place...
I'm finally home, back in Sendai for the last leg of the season. 10 games left- then playoffs start. Playoffs are one and done, similar to the NCAA's except our league only has 2 games until the champions are crowned..

I've been talkin to my agent a lot lately, sending game films and what not, trying to secure a job for next season. This is the worst part of my job- waiting for some guy to call me with a job offer. The past two seasons I had to wait till mid- September to find a job. I'm not even a stressful dude.. but damn if that ain't stressful, thinking you might not have a job this season..
I'm constantly checkin Eurobasket for recent transaction, seeing people I played with or against are getting jobs before me.. is tough pill to swallow..
But I got a different mind set this summer, It's "Fuck It".. Whatever happens, happens.. I did what I had to do out here in Japan this season, my team has been in first place all season, and I'm leading the team in scoring and rebounding.. So there's no need to stress this summer.. Easier said than done... Kellen, were gettin busy this summer.. Keepin me focused is your #1 job this summer.. NBA All- Star game is in our back yard next year.. David Griffin holler at me on the Suns works out/summer league..

About next season, my agent and I are really pushing for the NBL league- How dope would it be to play/live in Australia next season? Warm weather and good money = Great livin'

I need a contract here next season

They got a team in Singapore too.. contact has already been established!

Off Top- Things I love right now
  • My SlingBox
  • March Madness
  • NBA's Western Conference
  • MVP race is down to 3 players, all of which came from High School- Bron Bron, Kobe, KG
  • Kellen holdin down the blog

Things I hate right now

  • Japanese Food and the beer
  • Living in a small ass room
  • Not being home watching basketball on big screen TV's
  • Practice
  • Waiting on a contract for next season
  • Waiting on The Roots and Gnarls Barkley album to drop
  • People who read the blog and never leave a comment

Monday, March 10, 2008

They Hate Us, We Hate Them

First album was a classic never got an award, took my first 10 grand and bought a Honda Accord...

Lupe Fiasco Superstar Remix feat. TIP & Jeezy

Prodigy expresses his feelings on a few rappers.

Dru Hill reunites for 10 minutes. Thats Baltimore for you. When I lived out there I used to see Nokio all the time.

Speaking of Dru Hill this was my cut...

Speak on it-blog

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Cuz the greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

West Coast Weather

I dunno where you live, but in Phoenix the weather is butter right now. Not too hot, not too cool but perfect. The following are some videos that remind me of good food, weather and chicas by the pool.

"We wear khakis, fuck jeans"

Gangsta niggas do yo' dance...

One of my favorite songs of all time...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

$100 Bills

BET's Rip the Runway NERD performance of "Everyone Nose".

..I'm Cooler than that guy..

Gnarls Barkley-- 'RUN '

So according to the Harding Test guidelines- this video won't be played on MTV-
The cause?- To Wavy-??? It does get a bit much at the 2:10 mark.
But regardless of that, the video is wack and the director should be fired. But I love the song.. It's by no means a "Crazy" <-- which will be a timeless record.
**Album "The Odd Couple" drops next month-


lol @ Baron Davis and his new Reebok commercial- looks like they shot the vid in "The Wood"

Alife’s Rivinton Club- ill

Justice- DVNO

Cool Kids- "A Little Bit Cooler"

"What do it mean when you dream that you Ballin"?

I'm The King

Even my young'n is Lebron...

Did you see 'Bron last night? 50!!! I'm not a Kobe fan by any means. Ive seen him play in person a few times and hes a monster. That said if 'Bron is 1A, the Bean is 1B.

I won a Kevin Johnson look alike contest in elementary school. What do you know about "React Juice"? Now KJ is running for mayor of Sacramento??

Glad they dropped these Crail boards.

N*E*R*D Doing Big things
. They killed BET's Rip the runway, Pharrell is really on some black rocker shit and I love it. This album will be "different" to say the least. Gonna be tough to top In Search Of...

Hova x MJB in Phx. Still debating whether I wanna go. My mom really wants to go, that might be my Easter present to her and Im not even a religious dude like that.

Rick Ross new album Trilla

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"5 Nigga Rule"

Got this in an email from one of my boys who is a big time promoter in Scottsdale. He happens to be black which is very ironic. If youve ever been out to Scottsdale maybe you've been a victim of this. I have been told my jeans were "too baggy" on a few occasions. How are $300 Selvedge Jeans too baggy? Thats another blog entry though. I have been to PCL a few times and have seen this happen to people. Club owners the LAST thing you wanna do is get a community of people boycotting your spot. If there is a dress code fine, people should deal with that. But discrimination helps nobody at the end of the day. Everyones money is green. This could turn out bad, especially with the All-Star game in Phoenix next year. Dude better find Al Sharpton quick. Kinda long but worth the read.

For Immediate Release: Monday March 7th 2008

Racism in Old Town Scottsdale: One Arizona Businessman’s Shocking Personal Experience

February 28th, 2008 a local African American businessman, owner of a high-end marketing firm working with reputable clients in television, product, fashion and more, was confronted with the ugly face of racism at Scottsdale nightlife hotspot PCL. This man and four of his affluent Caucasian partners approached the door at PCL, and after the Caucasian group members were let in, the African-American was denied entry. When staff were asked by the entering party why the African-American wasn’t allowed in the doorman replied “ I can’t let you in with baggy clothes and chains and (expletive deleted).” The aforementioned businessman denied entry was wearing business casual attire: a button down shirt, sweater vest, dress shoes and no jewelry. This comment was understood by all parties present as uncalled for and blatantly racist. All four Caucasian business partners were allowed into PCL in t-shirts and sneakers, and they expressed their disgust for the denied entry of their better-dressed friend. The final straw was when one of the Caucasian partners talked to the doormen, who said the owner, ______ , says to keep the club “light”.

This is not the first reported incident of racism at PCL. The term “5 (racial epithet deleted) rule” is rumoured to have its roots in staff training for PCL and its partner clubs, who tell their staff they can have no more than five African-Americans in their clubs at one time.

This particular incident has found its way to press statements due to the connections, affluence, and perserverance of the victim. There can be no doubt there are many without the resources to make a statement who have felt the unforgivable pain of racism at PCL before.

The victim in this case is organizing a boycott against The PCL and any clubs under the same ownership. Influential African-Americans are backing this project, and board has been formed to discuss boycotts and potential legal action against the club. Presidential Candidate Barack Obama decline to comment, but a staff member of the democratic party in Arizona said the issue “will definetly be addressed”. The victim in this case asks all other victims of racist actions from this venue to please contact the marketing firm below. Any interested community leaders or individuals, both African-American and otherwise, please contact below to find out how you can get involved in preventing Scottsdale from allowing such racist behavior in nightlife.

For more information call at 480-751-1852 or email

***Edit- March 13th: The names have been removed on demands of their lawyers.

but if your from AZ you know what 'PCL' stands for-

Monday, March 3, 2008

Black Superman

Ghost ride the whip like Im from Oakland ya'll

Stuff Black People Love, Finding out a criminal is not black ahahaha this is TRUE.

Do you know about DJ Toomp?


Speaking of In4mation Yoshi's blog on Fatlace is dope. Shout out to In4mation at Cmonwlth!! (inside joke).

This is my cut right now. Perfect track for the summer. Is this hittin in the club in Miami Rome?

And these dudes killed this video. Watch it through hahaha @ Suge in the vid.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Maybach Music

True story, my closet is like two stories...

Estelle Feat. Kanye West- American Boy

"Man killings some wack SHIT"...

Ever wanted to know how The Hundreds make their t-shirts?

A few things...
1. Arizona has the longest consecutive tournament appearance streak in the nation and are in danger of not making the tournament. Come back Lute!

2. Where is the south musically now that Andre is busy making movies? Will they only make Souljah Boy type "snap rap"? If so eh.....

3."In the club" by Usher may be one of his biggest songs EVER.

4. Remember this?

Saturday, March 1, 2008