Monday, March 31, 2008

Bag Lady

You crowding my space

I was casually rappin with my man about his recent business trip over an optimo when he mentioned how he avoided major drama with an ex during a session in chicago.

We both found this momentarily amusing, because we predicted the exact same conversation a couple months back passing a different optimo.

You see, at the time, boy was going through the elementary steps of the break up. He told me his game was tight enough and that he would remain civil with this one.

He insisted she was older, intelligent and had an understanding of the reality of the circumstances.

I replied to him that she may be the classiest girl you've ever met, but there is no such thing as an understanding from a broken heart.

Unless you bought her from an animation sex shop from japan, you are lucky to exchange text messages that actually mean what they read... or at least until the next usher lp.

"She may or may not have a carry-on but will always come with baggage"

Not hating. Just understanding how important your shoes are.

Deep as you need . Light another one.


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