Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Original Block Family

These niggas trippin like Cedric and Solange

You've heard by now KG on his way to Boston. With the success of the Patriots and Red Sox are the Celtics next? With Ray Allen, KG and P2 they are easily one of the best teams in the league. Is this Bird, McHale, Parish Part 2? If they can get a veteran point guard and ok center they'll be a real problem.

Speakin of KG, remember his high school teammate Ronnie Fields? When I was little me and my brother would stay up tryna catch these highlights on our bootleg satellite dish.

Nick, tell your Hawaii people your "assistant/advisor" needs to be on a flight out there with you. Aloha Brah!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thats When Ya Lost...

Fu#*&$ around with Heiro...

Fully Flared Trailer #2 November cant come soon enough. New Carroll footy!!! Its tuff to say but dude has the best steez in skating today.

I mentioned stepping my life game up last week. Dante Ross is another cat behind the scenes thats very influential. Do your homework if dont know.

Kanye- My Way this was unreleased from The College Dropout.

Glibert Arenas is crazy. Dude takes perfecting your craft to a whole 'nother level. Peep game Nick.

ANTE UP!!! Damn Eddy Curry robbed in his crib in the 'Chi. If I get paid his salary its gated communites and home security.

A loveless day

Saturday, July 28, 2007

..I Don't Need No Money, I Got Mouth Piece..

I don't need no Iron, I'm already creased

NBA player got very humbled this week.. 78 copies??

The Undrafted in the NBA- Soooo.. your sayin there a chance??

Tallest building in Latin America. The design is super dope, but look's way out of place.

Nike CB34 "Godzilla" droppin soon.

5 Rear- entry possitions- No Homo

Just in time for the winter/snow. Timbo's X Alife

OG Calvin Klein talkin wreckless about Hova the God- "I Give him 10% of his life"-- Ayeee!

Jessica Alba is single again- Let's talk about it...

"99 problems, but a pitch aint one"!!! This Tshirt is so serious.....

The Dice Game goin on vacation just linked sooo many albums- Get on this asap if you don't have em yet.

If anyone seen that new Chamillionaire Video Hip/Hop police, its stright fuckin clown shoes.. He's actin as a CNN news anchor, rappin... I mean I really don't know what else there is to say about this wack ass shit... Is this what hip hop is now a days? I'm just gonna hot link it-> here

3/6 Mafia feat. The Game- "Like Money"

Fall Out Boy "This ain't a scene, it's an arms race"- Featuring a grip of people, Kanye, Travis from Gym Class Hero, Lupe, The Super mix

Rick Ross- Trilla

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

One Wont Do, Two Is Not Enough

Dropped $60,000 grand just to hold up my pants...

Evan Hecox LA Blacksun Print Version 2. Dude has worked with some top notch companies, this is a good look for your art collection.

Kanye feat Jeezy- Cant tell me nothin remix

This 10 Deep New Era is buttery, simple is better sometimes.

Bumped into Rob "Wu" Welsh in Tempe yesterday. Fully Flared November 16th Yeeeeeeee!!!

Entourage has the best music on tv. Every episode tracklisting here.

Lord Willin, Dewitz Feelin

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fancy Clown

Thats you, if wanna dude who wear a mask all day

Ricky Kim aka Mr Kim has me stepping my life game up.

Nick mentioned em last week, but now we got better pics of the Cmonwealth x DC Gatsby. These are buttery size 11 please.

Lil Wayne and Juelz- Bad Side (AYE!!)

Mike Vick asked to sit while his case is pending? Dude has been convicted by the city of Atlanta and the NFL in my eyes. Due process people, if dude is done I'm praying the Cardinals swoop him up.

Lord Willin, Dewitz Feelin

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dont Act Like You Dont Know

Skillz Feat. Freeway, I like this video and song. Doubt it will get any burn on major stations. Beat reminds me of "what we do".

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Switch Back Overcrooks

We takin rock and roll to another level iced out skull heads...

Koston gets better with age, that cover above is crazy.

Is this the reason hip hop is dead? I understand hip hop is a business, and I'm not mad at anyone for gettin paper outside of the business. But albums have been garbage for awhile now, save a few seems that nobody is hungry anymore.

"This is vacation YOU got a job" Weezy F. Baby on the cover of Fader, download it here.

SUITS SUCK...Billy Walsh is real, if you dont get this you're sleepin.

Lord Willin, Dewitz feelin

Friday, July 20, 2007

Winky Wright- B Hop- Lets Go

I'm so ready for this fight to happen, It can't be any worse than De La Hoya/Mayweather fight. The build up to that fight on HBO 24/7 was the truth though. Golden Boy's camp came correct on that, which is why he made 50 mill off that fight. Now Winky's camp is tryin to simulate that of Oscars. Tonight @ the weight-ins they got into a little altercation, which isn't unusual, should make for a solid fight tomorrow..

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

To me they did it right.. not as well as 24/7, but still entertaining...
You be the judge of how well they did.. Let's Talk About It...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Run Philly

I blew then crossed over like skip to my lou

YEEEE!!! Its Kellen on the blog now, lets get it.

I run philly
Cassidy feelin himself on this track. Dude is a beast, but can you really run a city if you cant go home? I heard dude was a neighbor of mine out in Mesa.

Kanye was at Cinespace on Tuesday, I'm slippin on my LA trips ugh!!! Spotted at Glenjamn

New W)Taps Vans YES!!!

More in the A.M.

Lord Willin, Dewitz feelin (I see you Silas)

...Make it Good or Make it Hood...

Megan Fox is so naughty plain and simple

Andrew Bogut is a racist??? Wow

Stephon Marbury wants to go overseas/do the Beckham thing in Italy. I'm not mad at him one bit, why not go to Italy. Live for free and get paid?? Do work.

Nike x Huf- Air Max 90's-- runners have been rapidly takin over my shoe game.

Marc Jacobs x Vans- It's one of the freshest combos they have done to date.. Need a pair in 14's

Kanye finally speaks about the Beanie Sigel GAY remarks on the Angie Mar show- He is a fool, and confidence is sky high, as always..

Commonwealth x DC Gatsby- Rome please holla at me.

Thx to TSS-

Lil' Wayne- Dying

Common feat. Lily Allen- Drivin Me Wild- (zshare-here)

Killer Mike- Good 4 You

Monday, July 16, 2007

..The Women Like Me.. I'm Dipped in Butter...

Let's Talk About It... This ain't cool one bit, the best rapper alive needs to just admit he fucked up by kissin Baby way back when, cut your losses... but don't keep runnin with the shit. Hugged up on a cover shoot? Get the fuck atthere..

The most powerful man in sports who you never heard of..

Is Skateboarding really that big? Big enough to have these 2 young bul's sponcors by Nike and Gatorade, and 12 other sponcors.. And a New York Times article.. Wait.. did I say they were 9 years old?? Sheesh!!

Kevin Durant finally picks a shoe company-- $40 Mill -- Is anyone really going to buy his shoe though?
Mike over @ the Jesus Piece sheeds some news on Kanye's Graduation-

Glow In The Dark Tour- Kanye West, Common, T-Pain, and Lupe

Nike Tuxedo Dunk's- How dope would that be if all your grooms men were rocking these..?? I know kellen will.. Ha

Cameron Diaz-- (nsfw) Old photos, but I still ain't mad at her..

100 Best stores for Men in America

Gym Class Hero X Lil' Wayne- Viva' La White Girl remix

Royce Da 5'9- The Return- over the "Can't Tell Me Nothin" beat..

Ja Rule feat. Lil' Wayne-- Uh Oh


Sunday, July 15, 2007

You Aint A Pimp, You A Rest Haven For Ho's

Like an infant on a double D titty, just getting plump

Cuz you miscalculated the next to the-the last pump

"Dump-dump on the gut, raw from the giddy up"

"Better choose that right one or pick-pick the kiddies up"

Big Boi kills it...

Video of the year, hands down. I cant imagine anything topping it this year. nice cameos, ill sample, refreshingly creative video, I dont really no what else to say...

watch the video, blaze 2, and get at me in the morning....

Friday, July 13, 2007

I Could Never Be A Thug, They Dont Dress This Well

One word... "Low life"

Wow I hate this cat, the first time I saw this clown was the Mcdonalds game, and I have hated him ever since. for whatever reason he gets on my last nerve. I swear he wakes up every morning and thinks of new ways to piss me off.

Lets Talk About It

Lets start with the hair, what is it? how does he look in the mirror and think that shit is hot. I doubt he even has a mirror, cause his hair is 3rd world ugly.

look at this picture and tell me you arent embarrased for him.

what the hell is he doing?

I think the thing that infuriates me the most about this dude, is that everything he does, he is actually trying to be cool. He is making a concerted effort to be that guy. so in effect he is working hard all day to look like an asshole

Somebody make it stop

Now I have to be honest, I hate this cat... but even I was shocked when I saw what he was rocking on draft night. I almost yacked when I saw his fit. I couldnt belive the audacity of this dude, to pull some shit like that. he lloks like he went to the Goodwill an hour earlier and thats the only suit he could find that was tailor made for 6 feet 10 inch clowns.

I'm Done...

I need to stop cause I'm starting to get upset.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

...Always Been the Same Since Back in the Day..

Crooks & Castle X Knowledge Watch made out of ceramic- definetly dope , and i need one in White.

A link to a long list of rappers who have Ghost written and vice versa.. Pretty wild, I don't know how credible this list is

My guy Pierre Pierce who I played with @ Iowa is smashin the NBA Vegas Summer League right now. You wouldn't know he did a year bid in the county for a rape charge by the way he's playin right now for Golden State. He's avg 21- Hope he gets his mind right for next season cause he will be in the League.. 'Quit full court pressin them hoes P'

Flickrotics blogspot- It has what you need on a late night blog search-- Quit playin..

Adidas X Undrcrwn collab is real fresh- Gil Arenas, T-Mac's and the rest of the "Believe in 5" squad- Really dope colorways for the shoe collection..

50 Cent feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbo- She Want's It I don't know why I'm even linking a 50 joint, but the internet/music is real bummy right now..

I know Who Killed Me- Might wanna check this movie out.. Lindsey lookin real right on the pole... Could be a way better version of Striptease??

San Quinn- Knock It Out (Barry Bonds)

What happens when you have more Money than Time? Private jet around the world? ill

Hurricane Chris- "A Bay Bay" remix Feat. Game, E-40, Boosie Bad Azz...

Kanye West- Back in the Day

Don't Fuck With Dre Day- Dope West Coast mix-- spotted via Oh Word

Nike SB Holiday '07 Catalogue

Lil' Wayne- Let's Get High

Lil' Keke, "I'm a G" --who was the King of H-town hasn't really got much love on the main stream. The fader did a piece on him and a few cuts to keep your ears loose..

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

$999,999 + $1 = a Mealticket

One Word "Savage" thats all I got to say about that...

As I sit here mulling over my hoop career, that is mercifully cut short by injuries, I started thinking about other players who careers were cut short. Now I said mercifully for a reason, cause I was never more than a glorifed hack and my career was over anyways. That being said the first person that came to my mind is none other than Sam Bowie.

For obvious reasons Bowie has come back as a popular barbershop conversation stemming from the Oden-Durant debate. I am here to stop the madness, cause im tired of hearing all these ignorant points people make, about Oden being the next Sam Bowie, and about how dumb the Blazers were for drafting the 7 foot bum.

Not gonna lie, dude was a bum in the Pros...

Im sure when we all hear the word Sam Bowie we instantly think back to the '84 draft and the biggest sports blunder possibly in history. I agree with this... in hindsight. Its easy to look back and see what someone should have done, but that is not how life is.

The Whole F'ing Show

MJ is without a doubt the greatest ever, hands down. We all know that, but we had no idea in '84. Now I was only a few months old when Jordan was giving cats fits in the ACC. so its safe to say that I never say him play in college. but according to what ive heard, Jordan was a unquestioned talent at UNC but his talent was "hidden" in Dean Smiths offense. Smith was never one to have superstars in his program, so everyone saw that Jordan was good, but no one had the idea he would be who he became, because if they did, do you really think Houston would have drafted Hakeem?

Kiss the Rings, Bitch...

First of all, calm down... Im not comparing Hakeem to Bowie, so take a deep breath and let me finish. Hakeem is a Great and hall of famer, and he won two championships. Now correct me if I'm wrong but didnt he win those two in between the two Bulls 3-peats? There is no way of knowing if houston would have beaten chicago those two years, but still the fact remains that he only one in Jordans absence. So if we are going off of hindsight Houston made the wrong choice in selecting The Dream.

Manute doesnt think Houston made a mistake...

So why did Portland draft Bowie? lets take a look at the big picture. 1st of all They had Jim Paxson starting at 2-Guard, and to put it nicely "he was a problem". He just came off two back to back seasons of averaging 21 points a game. He wasnt Kobe but he was an all star that year. Then lets not forget about the '83 draft where Portland drafted some 2-guard by the name of Clyde Drexler. Unless you had a time machine and could see how good Michael would be you wouldnt draft him. So in other words the Blazers had the 2-guard spot looking solid and they needed a big man. After losing the coin flip with houston it was obvious that they werent gonna get Hakeem. so who was the next choice? you guessed it Bowie. and again I wasnt old enough to watch him but in college he was nice.

Bet Florida State didnt think he was a bum...

I bet yall didnt know dude was like that, all you saw was the injury prone bum in the NBA. I know this was a little long, but I had to get it off my chest cause Im tired of all these kids running around acting like portland was dumb for picking this dude.

Without a doubt Portland made a mistake by not selecting Jordan, thats a no brainer, and are they making a mistake in selecting Oden this year over Durant? Well we will have to see, But the safe pick is Oden cause anyone who saw him play last year could see that he is special. Durant is special too but he is not a center, and that is the big difference.

Welcome to Portland... Good thing you like white girls

Sorry I havent posted in awhile but Ive been hella busy, and I didnt want to put out some junk just to put something out. O and my hoop career is really over...

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sunday Conversation.. Kimbo Slice