Monday, July 16, 2007

..The Women Like Me.. I'm Dipped in Butter...

Let's Talk About It... This ain't cool one bit, the best rapper alive needs to just admit he fucked up by kissin Baby way back when, cut your losses... but don't keep runnin with the shit. Hugged up on a cover shoot? Get the fuck atthere..

The most powerful man in sports who you never heard of..

Is Skateboarding really that big? Big enough to have these 2 young bul's sponcors by Nike and Gatorade, and 12 other sponcors.. And a New York Times article.. Wait.. did I say they were 9 years old?? Sheesh!!

Kevin Durant finally picks a shoe company-- $40 Mill -- Is anyone really going to buy his shoe though?
Mike over @ the Jesus Piece sheeds some news on Kanye's Graduation-

Glow In The Dark Tour- Kanye West, Common, T-Pain, and Lupe

Nike Tuxedo Dunk's- How dope would that be if all your grooms men were rocking these..?? I know kellen will.. Ha

Cameron Diaz-- (nsfw) Old photos, but I still ain't mad at her..

100 Best stores for Men in America

Gym Class Hero X Lil' Wayne- Viva' La White Girl remix

Royce Da 5'9- The Return- over the "Can't Tell Me Nothin" beat..

Ja Rule feat. Lil' Wayne-- Uh Oh



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