Friday, August 31, 2007

..Ten feet of rope around your neck and still can't hang

The most informative interview for every basketball/ sneakerhead/ out there. The Godfather of Amateur Basketball Sonny Vaccaro. He recently did a speaking gig at Duke U. talking about how he made Nike what it is today. Signing Jordan, Kobe, and agent David Faulk.. Everyone should be very thankful of Mr. Vaccaro.. It's long but very informative-15 min long... Right here. Also according to Wikipedia, James Gandolfini is slated to play Vaccaro in an upcoming HBO movie called "ABCD Camp

Google is gettin into the phone game.. It's confirmed and its super dope, Drops in '08

Xbox 360 just dropped the doppest shit yet.. defiantly gettin coped before I go to Japan, MJ you need one also.. This will step your hatin game up in a major way..

Redman drops his new Skate line?? with a couple fresh decks..

New Music--
Lupe Fiasco- Dumb it Down- Fresh to death, can't wait for "The Cool"

Scarface- Never

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Quarterback Is Not The Issue...

We're talking about Unchecked Aggression...

Before you jump to conclusions and dont hear me out, let me make this perfectly clear. Vick is guilty of breaking a federal law AND HE DESERVES TO GO TO JAIL.

Now we have that out of the way lets tackle the real issue. It pisses me off the way Vick has been treated thru this whole ordeal. I have heard people make all kinda claims about Vick being immoral, a bad person, a shame to humanity and so on and so forth. I even heard people say that they hope he rots in hell. Now I wanna do a little survey, raise your hand if you personally know Michael Vick... Yeah me neither. So im pretty safe in saying that we dont really have anyway of judging Vicks character, whether its good or bad. I dont hear anyone saying Clinton should burn in hell for having an affair, isnt that considered immoral?

I keep asking myself, All this over dogs? well the truth is that it isnt about the dogs at all. This comes downs to peoples hatred of celebrities and the rich. and sad to say those two factors are multiplied by the fact he is a black athlete.

Face it, we all have dreams of being rich and famous. Then reality sets in and your forced to sit in a cubicle for 10 years making 45k a year. While your at home asking yourself where your life took a turn for the worse, you see other people shining. At that moment, you may not realize it or even feel it, but a little something just crept into your heart. That little thing is called Hate. We all have it, some are just better than others at suppressing it.

Hate is the real issue here, not some poor innocent dogs. People hate seeing others do well for themselves and white men especially hate seeing freed slaves getting 130 million dollar contracts and hanging on their sons wall. I know it hurts but just admit it.

Before you say what I know you want to say read my first paragraph over again. Since I know you guys are lazy, Ill re-iterate. Im not saying Vick is going to jail because he is black. He is going cause he broke the law! Vick is being demonized because he is black, rich, famous and unbelievably talented. so keep on hating you really cant help it, its healthy to get it out of your system once in a while(trust me I do it daily). Just be honest with yourself, cause it was never about the dogs...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

...My Momma Couldn't Get Through To Me...

"Keep on pushin"

So it's finally official, I'm headed to Sendai, Japan next month. I'm playing with the 89er's in the BJ league. The season ends in April, and no break to come home during x-mas. Hopefully, when I arrive there in September it will be a lot better than I'm expecting. I don't really do Seafood, nor do I eat Sushi. So the food is really the only I'm worried about. I heard they do have a 7/11!! However, I'm only 2 hours from Tokyo and that should be super ill. So if anyone needs anything from Japan, you know who to ask, cause I got you!!

Air Jordan- Spiz'ike "Do the right thing"

Nike Old Spice SB's/ The colorway look's more like the Olympic Jordan's to me?

Dope artwork is always a good look- Gordon Cheung.
In case you missed Kanye this past Sunday on the best show on TV, Entourage-- here it is.

If you been searchin the Internet for new songs off Kanye's- Graduation, look no further than Mike over at the Jesus Piece. I think he might have leaked the whole album, be it snippets or full length joints.
Homecoming feat. Chris Martin of Coldplay

Steve Nash on the Charlie Rose show. He said the hardest thing about his job is being a "Mother". --- Whatever sets you apart my guy?!?

Cant Leave Blogs Alone, The Game Needs Me...

Im back , been out the game for a minute. Hurt my arm about a month ago and lets just say blogs were not high up on my priority list. I know some of you have been losing sleep, cause you need me to speak to know everything is right in the world. Be patient Hate is coming sooner than you think.

Until next time... Get on my level!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Homie

My name is Kellen, I'm from Mesa, Arizona. I go to the University of Arizona. College has been an interesting ride for me (you live and you learn). My roomate Justin Gin died yesterday morning on Saturday August 25th. Without getting in to too much detail just say I was the last one to see him. You meet people along the way in life who you know are special. Those homies you know that you'll talk to forever when your friends fall off. Gin was the kinda cat that would give you the shirt off his back. Always a rider gettin me outta the house when I didnt wanna do anything. I might be moving outta my house and go back to Mesa just because. I got outta the house tonight because my other roomate is in Greece and has no idea what has happened. Gin would want me to go out and have a good time in his honor. We were goin to San Diego for Labor Day to chill and hit the beach because thats what he loved. I saw a friend out tonight and she hit the nail on the head. "Dont take the people that you have in your life for granted." Gin was my homie, say a prayer for him.

RIP Justin Gin

Friday, August 24, 2007

...No Rehearsal, Nothing's Controversial...

"It Don't Feel Right"

Word on the streets-- If you pre-order Graduation via itunes.. rumor has it it comes with an exclusive CRS joint?? If your like me and need a hard copy of the album, then you might have to download it later..

Facebook is gonna have more ad's now? agh, what's next?

10 Deep X Wale X Catchdubs on their grind set to drop a new mixtape 110 Miles and Running

Peep the fresh-- Ice Cream X New Era Fitted

Plan on Traveling to Amsterdam???Here is a list of the best coffee shop's in the city.. yadaaa!!

Peep this prison in Austria.. If I ever get locked up, please ship me here...

So recently(today) my agent gave me an option to go play in Japan next season. It's only 7 months long which is shorter than most European season, which is tempting, and the money is straight, but I don't know if i can really do Japan for 7 months.. The team is 2 hours from Tokyo which would be super ill.. So I'm still in limbo on what I should do...??

Music Heavy-

Dr. Dre- The Next Level-- feat. Snoop (prod by Dre & Chad Hugo)/ Old but still good music

Ice Water-- Knuckle-- feat. Raekwon & Pimp C...

Timberland- One Replublic-- rmx feat. Lil' Wayne & Bun B

Hip Hop Is Dead

You niggaz better make up a dance and try and get radio play

I talked with my cousin about how horrible is. A few things worth listening to but for the most part ehhh. The south has been on the map for some time now. For every Lil Wayne, T.I. (his album was garbage also) there are a million Souljah Boys. Here today gone tomorrow one hit wonders. Who's gonna bring hip hop back?

I'm gettin old.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

...Feelin Fly Like Freedom...

"I'm a kid with a vision runnin a label"

Marc Ecko X Kanye interview via Complex. Finally his clothing line Pastelle will be available in November. Also talks about his porn collection aka = Great interview

**Just In- straight from MTV @ Screamfest in NY tonight-- Kanye and Curtis were on stage together.. along with a long list of others... Beef??

Artist Jeremy Fish recently handcrafted some of the doppest skate decks in years.. "Dead Rapper Series"

9th Wonder X Format Mag interview- Daily Bread

Finally got a version of DC's finest-- Wale- Big Spender feat. Jay-Z X Freeway that download-able..

Talib Kweli feat. Styles-- The Level-- Also new mixtape Talib X Clinton Sparks- Get Familiar

It's that time of year for gamers like myself!! Yee.... EA Sports is droppin all the new games at the end of Sept. Couldn't be better timing for me before I head over to Europe and do work for 7 months. Fifa is my shit, and '08 is droppin Sept 25th. (ps.. If anyone one wanna see me on 360 get @ me). Oh and Halo 3 comes out the same day.. Sheesh.. Lovin' it

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

...Born Inside the Winter Wind...

"No sleep at night, and even when the sun's up"

Mad Men- Might be one of the best shows on TV right now.. check it out on AMC Thursday nights. Producers from the Sopranos, so you know its worth watchin..

The Richest Man in the World- 56 Billion- and its not who you think it is.. Learn how he made it happen.

Super Bad's Jonah Hill talks about being a pizza boy and smokin herb.

Nike--Sneakerheads/Computer Nerds/Travelers- Such a good look for myself.

NBA is at capacity??

Snoop Dogg feat. The Game- I'm Here prod by Terrace Martin

Monday, August 20, 2007

Its Me Snitches

Live and direct I dont need no mic check

Dupont Menage-Holy Cow Dupont Menage killed this track. Full album coming soon, support good music people.

The Bench has its own myspace, The LES is killin it.

The Louis Vutton Millionaire glasses re-released. That price tag is hefty, but I need these ASAP.

Mike Vick such a bad look. If dude gets 12-18 months thats nothin. He'll get a 2nd chance, hopefully the Cardinals swoop him up.

Ive been trying to stay away from the any Kanye before it drops. Hopefully dude ends up at #1. Kanye on Tim Westwood.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The game is cold, but it's gravy..

"It's All Natural"

This China Draft is finally over, just spent a week in Hawaii. Anytime you get a free trip to the islands its a good thing. Even though, I didn't get drafted (in the past 10 years only 2 white players have been drafted) not a good look for myself.. At any rate, while I was out there, had to make a stop at In4mation and Kicks/Hi.

Lupe Fiasco- "Wake Up In Tokyo" off The Cool

Finally got this UGK downloaded, and it stays in HEAVY rotation.. #1 Album in the country.

I really hope everyone caught the Roast of Flava Flav- Had me in stitches the whole time...

Japanese Sewers, Crazy-So advanced it's stupid- I need to get signed in Japan.

Step yer watch game up- Kepler 100k$

Holla- "We want Prenup, We want Prenup.." Think you know?

It's dumb late, still on that Hawaii time, more in the ante meridiem

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Summertime Stickup

The Thrill of victory, the agony defeat...
DJ Fashen brings King and Duck to Phoenix. This is a good look, Ima stop by on Sunday.

These Supra x Brooklyn Projects are fresh. Muska beats all day.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You Are The Prototype....

This my first Rolex it dont even be tickin...

Freshjive linked up with Smut Star Pinky for the launch of their Chicken and Waffles series. These ARE NOT WORK SAFE LINKS!

Kanye West Feat. Weezy- Barry Bonds

Kanye interview spotted over at Dork Mag.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Bang Bang Cali is Active...

Ive mentioned him before but Dante Ross gets it poppin. Now Alife has made tees for "the bench". (Size Large Please).

Channel Live- Mad Izm Song is the definition of classic.

Rodrigo on Chocolate? That would be a great look for all parties.

Gino sighting!!! (Scroll down)

I know I'm heavy on the youtube links, deal wit it. F%*k Yo' court nigga!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The People

Cuz after all the drama I Kay Slayed em...

Are you up on Jay Electronica?

Bitches and Drugs- Jay Electronica produced by Dilla.


Hit me on my beeper.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Aint nothin like them summer nights...

Throw some carne asada on the grill, grab a dos equis and enjoy the summer. It's almost over.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

..tones that will ease your smooth...

"lean like a Cholo"

Any time you get some unreleased tracks its a good thing, especially when it's from the most underrated MC... Jump Off Joey via- Nah Right

All these tracks aren't the best of quality, but regardless its Joe Budden and VERY VINTAGE at that. When I first listened to these tracks it reminded me of some old Mic Geronimo mixtape shit.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Graduation official album cover straight from
Highest paying Job$ in the Nation. I need to get focused..
More later...

Yeah Right!!!

Bitches know they see the platinum its gray like grandpa.

Have you peeped the Clae Fall '07 Collection? These are ill.

Neckface gives a tour of Andrew Reynolds crib. That Baker/Emerica money is serious.

Common is #1 this week, such a good look for him.

95% of hip hop doesnt interest me anymore. Am I gettin old?


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

..Grind Time Rap Game..

"What can ya do.. when no ones lookin at you"

As Kellen said, we been on our super grind right now.. Summer time is my time to get my shit straight with this hoop thing... Last week I went to this USBA camp/tryout for the China Super league. The camp was out in the middle of the docks, no Internet for a week. But I did put in work, lead the camp in every stat besides rebounds.. So I earned myself an invite to Hawaii this Sunday for the actual China Draft. Big Money over there yeee!!! Then my grandpa passed away, 92 years old.. dude was a G. So my bloggin has been on hold for a minute. Kellen been holdin it down strong though..
But all this still ain't stopped me from catchin Entourage- Might be the best season yet.. Suits suck-

Picked up the new Common, finally nice to have some real hip hop and not all this snap music that's been floddin the radio.. I also need that UGK album. any one have it? let me know what you think.. Okay Player gave it 4.5 out of 5 said: "one of the best hip-hop albums in years, period."

UGK- "How Long Can It Last" feat. Charlie Wilson

On my way back to Oregon I made a stop at Just Be and Upper Playground. 2 very ill boutiques in the Portland area. Just Be didn't have nathen in my size, but very dope shop. Upper Playground is a hidden gem, defiantly gonna be a regular in that shop, right now they got dope artwork from Ricky Powell. Picked up a couple T's and the Fall ish of Antenna Magazine.

Jesus- I think the Celtics already have enough players, and too little balls to go around (no homo).. and yet the Super Ball Hog 42 year old Reggie Miller is pondering a comeback?? Keep your old annoying ass in the broadcast booth.. Even though you sound worse than Sean Elliott..

NBA rookie photo shoot

Fine Living- 10 Best Shopping Malls

Nike x Transformer Pack droppin tomorrow Aug 9th

J-Dilla- Turn it Up/ restock.. Need that T.. fire

Top 5 Worst
Trends via. "Searching for my Swag"- "Your white T.... Well too me look like a night gown. Make ya momma proud, take that thang 2 sizes down"- Andre 3stacks.

New Apple iMac: very dope, but my next purchase is the MacBook- need a laptop for travels..
Nike's new film soon to drop- "Nothing but the Truth".


I'm So Hot I Freeze...

*Congats Barry, let the haters hate.

*Back to the regular postin tomorrow folks. Everybody's grindin over here at youaintheard...peace.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sick of it

Nah this aint the movie but I shot 4 brothers...

The Glamorous Life, Gabriella gets it in for the ladies.

Rip Off and Duplicate. This is for the 24 and up crowd who may not wanna do the streetwear thang. If you dont know about the man behind this, catch up.

Brand Nubian at the Zune BBQ. I jacked this from Dante Ross blog. Good to see them still rockin after all these years. You couldnt tell me I wasnt Grand Puba in 7th grade. Backpack, Hilfiger, Polo, Nautica. Kanye bit his steez.


Sorry,Double A.

Friday, August 3, 2007

You Down To Die For me...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Make It Rain

I get money, money I got...

Did you catch Pretty Boy on MTV Cribs? Pure comedy.

EARL!!! Scroll down.

Its Daryl Angel week at Crailtap. Dude is on a Nike Flow and Chocolate. Does it get any better?

Shark week on the discovery channel, I'm never goin in the ocean again.


It's the weekend...chill, hit a club, relax. ENJOY IT.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm Gonna Dance My Pain Away...

If I had a billion dollars, I spend it a day show these niggas how to play...

Wallride #14...Girl/Choco killin it for the spring as usual.

Turk is gettin outta prison early. Dude was a beast when he was with Cash Money.

Easy on the links today Random Thoughts:

-BET has become a minstrel show 24/7, I'm embarrassed.
-Sportscenter and this "who's now?" is retarded. I thought SPORTS was about what you do on the field, not who you do OFF the field?
-Barry Bonds hasnt been convicted of anything. It was good to see Mike Jordan stand behind him.