Tuesday, August 28, 2007

...My Momma Couldn't Get Through To Me...

"Keep on pushin"

So it's finally official, I'm headed to Sendai, Japan next month. I'm playing with the 89er's in the BJ league. The season ends in April, and no break to come home during x-mas. Hopefully, when I arrive there in September it will be a lot better than I'm expecting. I don't really do Seafood, nor do I eat Sushi. So the food is really the only I'm worried about. I heard they do have a 7/11!! However, I'm only 2 hours from Tokyo and that should be super ill. So if anyone needs anything from Japan, you know who to ask, cause I got you!!

Air Jordan- Spiz'ike "Do the right thing"

Nike Old Spice SB's/ The colorway look's more like the Olympic Jordan's to me?

Dope artwork is always a good look- Gordon Cheung.
In case you missed Kanye this past Sunday on the best show on TV, Entourage-- here it is.

If you been searchin the Internet for new songs off Kanye's- Graduation, look no further than Mike over at the Jesus Piece. I think he might have leaked the whole album, be it snippets or full length joints.
Homecoming feat. Chris Martin of Coldplay

Steve Nash on the Charlie Rose show. He said the hardest thing about his job is being a "Mother". --- Whatever sets you apart my guy?!?


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