Friday, June 29, 2007

...Cause When You Try Hard..That's When You Die Hard...

Think the One Time is gonna catch this cold cat?? Missed Me

If you can't see the video, click it here cause its worth your time. Maybe?

And the Blazers dominated last nights draft. Steve Francis, B Roy, LaMarcus, Channing Frye, and Oden?? Sheesh.. Just put them into playoff contenders.

USC/Wash Wizards Nick Young's "Second Chance Season" trailer

#16th pick of the draft.. Pac-10 did work in the draft this year. 6 players total
Same thing, if the video doesnt show up, click here -- Should be a solid doc

Nike Trainer Dunk Hi x Mita available tomorrow the 30th, only 288 pairs released world wide. They are kinda ill... mix of Lebrons, Dunks, Trainers, pretty dope shoe.
Also the Jordan 11 low retro's drop tomorrow as well..

Air Max 95 are the number 1 choice of shoe for criminals??? and the best of the rest..

Credit Cards of the future-- Very dope

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

...Visions Realize, Music Affected Lives...

So it's been a minute since I last posted, my dude MJ's been holdin it down though with his Devastatin' Dave little hero. I've been mad busy- well not really, just 4 wild ass days of partying down in Rocky Point, Mexico. If your ever in the southwest, I suggest you check it out/invest asap! The shit was unreal. Being that I'm from AZ and it's the closest beach I can get too. I remember when i first went down there I was like 16, still wet behind the ears. The place was grimey as fuck, you had to stash money in your socks and draws so the federalize didn't get you for your money, that's how ghetto the shit was. Back then everybody from AZ went to RP for Spring Break cause it was the only spot where young bul's could get loose.. and be on the beach. But this recent trip blew my mind, it had been years since my last visit, and believe me, the city blew up. High rise condos all over the beach, million $ houses, everything you need to have a great time and invest in some property..

I really don't have a point besides the trip was dope ass fuck, and I'm buying a condo down there next summer; cause I'm about to flip it in 3 years and triple my money, so anyone lookin to invest I highly highly suggest you fucks with Rocky Point-- yeediiiigg

Gil Arenas is on some Steve Nash shit this off-season- training with a MLS team??

Attention Phoenix
-- please trade "The Matrix" for KG, or anyone that can score for that matter.

Sneaker heads with Love from Japan-- is very saucy

The Ultimate Digital Camera

T.I.- Help is Coming prod. by Just Blaze
T.I. feat Jay-Z- Watch What You Say

Black Thought speaking on The Roots and their 10th LP. "Every fucking album I put out is a solo album. Go buy my 11 CD's and shit. They are all solo albums".

Rock the Dub has mad singles to download

I'm done for now.. Next week it's on though..

The draft is tomorrow, Al Horford is rookie of the year- YeeDiiiggggg

Friday, June 22, 2007

Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane

You better tuck your girl... before she is Zip Zap Gone.

I Googled the word "slut", just to see what might appear. I was hoping to see Devastatin Dave pop op, but unfortunately players dont get caught. This is the first thing that popped up...

This is why dads dont want daughters...

The funny thing about this picture is that it is exactly what I was looking for, let me explain. When boredom creeps in I always somehow find myself on Facebook looking thru peoples albums and basically being a stalker. But I am always blown away by the stuff people put up there, the picture above is precisely the stuff im talking about. who ever sees pictures like this automatically assume th person is a slut(and if a guy is looking at it, he is prolly writing the girl a message as we speak...).

Now I'm not mad at the girls for entertaining me all day, but this next thought always crosses my mind when I see this stuff. These girls all have to grow up one day and be somebody's wife. I mean think about it, I'm sure people were wilding out in our parents heyday, but back then you didn't have facebook to keep a detailed log of your drunken exploits.

This Frat Boy knows one of these girls is ready to make a mistake...

The coldest thing to this whole game is when someone puts there cape on and tries to save these girls. I mean everyine who went to college knows what girls get around and what not, I know I do. and it always breaks my heart when some unsuspecting soul wifes up one of the girls, and has NO IDEA how big her rap sheet is. I cringe when I see Cap'n all hugged up with the girl and kissing her and all.

Moral of the story is do a background check, a bustdown is only a bust down until the second date... Do what Devastatin' Dave would do.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

...Keep My Eye on the Parmesan...

"And I'm just lightin up my.. La la la"

Mike over @ Jesus Piece is really doin it right now. Dope ass daily updates on his page as he stays with all the hot music that I jack from him. He did a great article on Juvenile. I remember in 1999 when I pilfered 400 degrees from Circuit City, not knowin a damn thing about Juvy besides the cover was ill as fuck...
Juvenile feat. Mannie Fresh- "Who Can I Run 2"

Tim Hardaway's Air Bakin are retro-ing this summer

How to save your crackberry after you drop it in a puddle of water.. Got Rice?

The best shooting Big Man there is?? I doubt it.. dude seems kinda soft to me..

Skateboarding in the 2012 Olympic Games in London??

Countries not on the metric system.. Wow

Pesky Humans-LA graffiti artist. Dope blog for the taggers and such-

Michael Moore's new documentary on US Health care "Sicko" was leaked on Youtube/Google, I had the video for you to watch and went to post it, and they scratched it. And.. the Government is trying to shut the movie down???

T.I. feat Eminem- "Touchdown" Sounds kinda like a down south version of "Welcome to D- Block" Might be hot though, need the full version

T.I. vs T.I.P. preview

Jadakiss- "Smile"

Freeway fest. Jay-Z- "Big Spender"

Top 10 Baseball Stadiums

The Rideable Vacume?? Haha.. this shit is straight clown town...

Top 50- Most Expensive Cities in the World

Jonathan Mannion is one of the sickest photographers in the game right now.. Check the interview via. Format Mag

I'm headed to Mexico tomorrow for a nice little vacation-- Blaze 2 get at me in the mornin-

I see you MJ ~

Monday, June 18, 2007

All Hail The King

The League is yours, now act like it...

So we come to the end of another NBA season, and I will say that it was a good one. even tho lebron got swept, you still have to give the kid credit for dragging that bummy ass team to the finals. So that got me to thinking, if he is the real deal now he should do something that only he could do...

Change the name on the back of his jersey, to me that would be ill. He could do something extra hollywood and put "King James" on the back or if he wanted to be a G he could pull the Zeke.

Yeah that would be hot

I dont see why he couldnt do it, nobody says you have to have your last name on the joint. Yao Ming does it, among others.

I mean this can backfire, and you can look like a clown. Anybody remember "He Hate Me"? Im sure we all do, but for all the wrong reasons.

And you know I couldn't end this without a soccer reference, but trust me it worth it. Adolfo Bautista is a Mexican soccer player who plays for Chivas Guadalajara. he used to be a sucker and play games with his Government name on his back, but he changed all that when his mother passed, so what did he do? He not only changed his number to 100, a number that I have never heard of in sports, but he changed his name on the back to "Bofo My Angel", because that is what his moms used to call him.

You gotta respect that...

You Aint Heard?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

It all comes down to this...

First off happy Fathers Day

Keith Richards loved his dad so much he snorted him... True Story...

We have a very interesting day today, Today is the final day of the Spanish La Liga . Both Real Madrid and Barcelona have games today. Seeing that they are both dead locked in points, well saying it is a big say is an under statement.

What also makes it intriguing is that this is Beckhams final game for Real Madrid. The amazin thing about the Beckham story is if you look back at the year he had its incredible he playing the best football of his life. In august following the World Cup he is dropped from the England National team. then in May of 2007, Real Madrid make it known that he will not get a new contract at the end of the season and that he will be let go. This is what led Him to signing the mega-deal in US that we all know about. O and I forgot to mention that after he signed that deal Fabio Capello let it be known in the press that beckham would never play for Real Madrid again, and he even made him train by himself and away from the team.

Beckhams coach...

Since that day Beckham has been on a tear, He pushed and pushed until his coach was forced to put him back in the team, then pushed to place back in the Starting 11. The his play earned him a spot back on the England team, and which brings us to today. Beckhams performance has inspired a lack luster Real Madrid team to the top of La Liga and on the verge of winning their first league championship in 4 years. I mean seriously people this wouldnt fly in a Disney movie, it unreal.
1 more thing, Real Madrid are fighting to get him back next season now. and of course thats not happening... not unless they open their wallets.

The Boys are back tonight at 10! The premier of season 4 is upon us. The first episode will recap what happened in Colombia on the set of MedellĂ­n. Unlike my colleague I still love this series, and I enjoy the deeper story lines and plots that have evolved.

Should be a great sunday

Thursday, June 14, 2007

and now lets talk about Varejao


We are all so lucky...
I hope you can appreciate the greatness of this guy. I mean this is the dude who single handedly brought cleveland back from the Grave MJ made for them. This is the guy who Nike paid 100 million dollars for, and Nike already made their money back on the deal. This guy is so great everyone in the damn Arena was rocking these shirts(which buy the way are selling like hotcakes in Nike Town).

Wait a minute, the number on the sleeve of that shirt is 23... hold on let me get this straight Varejao isnt the guy who Nike paid all that money for? You gotta be kidding me.
So Cavs call a Timeout and the play is drawn up, for Lebron to do what he does then dish it to Varejao so he can wheel and deal and take the last shot IN GAME 3 OF THE NBA FINALS? who the hell does he think he is?
Just Terrible...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

...Taco Time & Rossi Rhine...

"It's all in the game yo, all in the game"

The Soprano's bad ending? Maybe so.. However, I think they are settin us up for some secret show or some shit.. They couldn't of just ended the whole series like they did.. But whatever I can't really complain; because it is far better than my other favorite show. Entourage-- Man this show just disappoints me every Sunday. When the show first aired on HBO it was so fresh. It was when Vince had heart and tried to bang Jessica Alba.. In seasons 1 and 2 they used to be ryders. Now they all got soft on us. No more celebrity fucks (Ali Larder), rarely do they party like they used too.. Just an over all disappointment every Sunday. And now they are cuttin the show to 22 min?? I mean come on though.. By the time somethin good happens, they cut the show.. What type of shit is that?.. One thing I do look forward to is lookin at Emmanuelle Chriqui!! And this Sunday Season 4 starts in Columbia to film "Medellin" I really hope they step their game up this season..

Amanda Beard the Olympic swimmer in the July -ish of Playboy-- For those of you too broke or too lazy to go out and cop the issue, like myself.. I got 'em for cheap! She ain't the baddest bitch, but she could get it..

These Red Visvim are so dope. Anyone rockin boat shoes just has that swag, that say's "I do Work".

Top 25 Gayest Song Titles

Kanye West feat. John Mayer- Bittersweet

Rick Ross is back for the summer with another solid heater for the radio. Takin back to the '80's with "Shot to the Heart".

Lil' Wayne- "Something You Forgot" Who smashed it-- Ricky Ross or Weezyanna??

Beyonce Vs. Rihanna

This Sat 16th the Air Jordan III "Black Cat" drops, they are gettin copped.. That 40% off @ Nike is so lovely..

LeBron is about to get swept.. Sheesh! Thx David Stern for fuckin up the greatest game ever..