Wednesday, June 13, 2007

...Taco Time & Rossi Rhine...

"It's all in the game yo, all in the game"

The Soprano's bad ending? Maybe so.. However, I think they are settin us up for some secret show or some shit.. They couldn't of just ended the whole series like they did.. But whatever I can't really complain; because it is far better than my other favorite show. Entourage-- Man this show just disappoints me every Sunday. When the show first aired on HBO it was so fresh. It was when Vince had heart and tried to bang Jessica Alba.. In seasons 1 and 2 they used to be ryders. Now they all got soft on us. No more celebrity fucks (Ali Larder), rarely do they party like they used too.. Just an over all disappointment every Sunday. And now they are cuttin the show to 22 min?? I mean come on though.. By the time somethin good happens, they cut the show.. What type of shit is that?.. One thing I do look forward to is lookin at Emmanuelle Chriqui!! And this Sunday Season 4 starts in Columbia to film "Medellin" I really hope they step their game up this season..

Amanda Beard the Olympic swimmer in the July -ish of Playboy-- For those of you too broke or too lazy to go out and cop the issue, like myself.. I got 'em for cheap! She ain't the baddest bitch, but she could get it..

These Red Visvim are so dope. Anyone rockin boat shoes just has that swag, that say's "I do Work".

Top 25 Gayest Song Titles

Kanye West feat. John Mayer- Bittersweet

Rick Ross is back for the summer with another solid heater for the radio. Takin back to the '80's with "Shot to the Heart".

Lil' Wayne- "Something You Forgot" Who smashed it-- Ricky Ross or Weezyanna??

Beyonce Vs. Rihanna

This Sat 16th the Air Jordan III "Black Cat" drops, they are gettin copped.. That 40% off @ Nike is so lovely..

LeBron is about to get swept.. Sheesh! Thx David Stern for fuckin up the greatest game ever..


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