Wednesday, June 27, 2007

...Visions Realize, Music Affected Lives...

So it's been a minute since I last posted, my dude MJ's been holdin it down though with his Devastatin' Dave little hero. I've been mad busy- well not really, just 4 wild ass days of partying down in Rocky Point, Mexico. If your ever in the southwest, I suggest you check it out/invest asap! The shit was unreal. Being that I'm from AZ and it's the closest beach I can get too. I remember when i first went down there I was like 16, still wet behind the ears. The place was grimey as fuck, you had to stash money in your socks and draws so the federalize didn't get you for your money, that's how ghetto the shit was. Back then everybody from AZ went to RP for Spring Break cause it was the only spot where young bul's could get loose.. and be on the beach. But this recent trip blew my mind, it had been years since my last visit, and believe me, the city blew up. High rise condos all over the beach, million $ houses, everything you need to have a great time and invest in some property..

I really don't have a point besides the trip was dope ass fuck, and I'm buying a condo down there next summer; cause I'm about to flip it in 3 years and triple my money, so anyone lookin to invest I highly highly suggest you fucks with Rocky Point-- yeediiiigg

Gil Arenas is on some Steve Nash shit this off-season- training with a MLS team??

Attention Phoenix
-- please trade "The Matrix" for KG, or anyone that can score for that matter.

Sneaker heads with Love from Japan-- is very saucy

The Ultimate Digital Camera

T.I.- Help is Coming prod. by Just Blaze
T.I. feat Jay-Z- Watch What You Say

Black Thought speaking on The Roots and their 10th LP. "Every fucking album I put out is a solo album. Go buy my 11 CD's and shit. They are all solo albums".

Rock the Dub has mad singles to download

I'm done for now.. Next week it's on though..

The draft is tomorrow, Al Horford is rookie of the year- YeeDiiiggggg


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