Friday, June 22, 2007

Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane

You better tuck your girl... before she is Zip Zap Gone.

I Googled the word "slut", just to see what might appear. I was hoping to see Devastatin Dave pop op, but unfortunately players dont get caught. This is the first thing that popped up...

This is why dads dont want daughters...

The funny thing about this picture is that it is exactly what I was looking for, let me explain. When boredom creeps in I always somehow find myself on Facebook looking thru peoples albums and basically being a stalker. But I am always blown away by the stuff people put up there, the picture above is precisely the stuff im talking about. who ever sees pictures like this automatically assume th person is a slut(and if a guy is looking at it, he is prolly writing the girl a message as we speak...).

Now I'm not mad at the girls for entertaining me all day, but this next thought always crosses my mind when I see this stuff. These girls all have to grow up one day and be somebody's wife. I mean think about it, I'm sure people were wilding out in our parents heyday, but back then you didn't have facebook to keep a detailed log of your drunken exploits.

This Frat Boy knows one of these girls is ready to make a mistake...

The coldest thing to this whole game is when someone puts there cape on and tries to save these girls. I mean everyine who went to college knows what girls get around and what not, I know I do. and it always breaks my heart when some unsuspecting soul wifes up one of the girls, and has NO IDEA how big her rap sheet is. I cringe when I see Cap'n all hugged up with the girl and kissing her and all.

Moral of the story is do a background check, a bustdown is only a bust down until the second date... Do what Devastatin' Dave would do.


Blogger DeWitz said...

This dude is kinda nice, i'm a cop one of them buttons he has for sale... N1TA Devistation Dave..

June 23, 2007 at 9:21 PM  

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