Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Aint A Killa But Dont Push Me...

Highlights of livin in the west are some of the sights that leave you breathless, my life reflects this.

Marty Murawski went to my high school, dude RIPS. Good to see him startin to get love. Dude just got hooked up with Matix.Dope!

Kenna with NERD on Letterman

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Summer In Miami

Blood hit his Timbs it reminded me of them...

BBC Boat shoes I need these asap.

Grind Time Tommy

Common- The Light Just Blaze version.

MTV Lil Wayne article

I hope Crailtap releases the Crail boards.

These Chocolate frogskins are sick. For $7.99 these are copped.

Monday, February 25, 2008

You know the rules of the game

Yo Bitch Chose Me

Motha fucka can you buy that? One of the greatest movies of all time..

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Keep On Pushing

Get well soon

So often in life we do things without giving a second thought as to how fortunate we are. When you think about it, even the most mundane tasks can be seen as a blessing from the right perspective. There is so much we take for granted, and we only appreciate it till its gone.

Yesterday morning Eduardo Da Silva was just another athlete, who was about to play a league game just like any other. He was in his first season at Arsenal, won of the best clubs in the world, and after starting the season slowly he was finally starting to cemement his place in the First XI. Three minutes into the game, He was the victim of a horrific tackle by Martin Taylor. The tackle which was a immediate red card offense broke Eduardo's leg in 3 places.

I am no Arsenal fan, by any stretch of the imagination. But after seeing the aftermath of the tackle I was almost reduced to tears. I have seen my fair of injuries over the years in sports. But I have never seen anything as horrific as this, It was so bad Sky Sports wasnt even allowed to show the replay.

It isnt the severity of the injury that bothers me so much, but the fact that He may never be able to play soccer again. I was torn on whether I wanted to post links to the video or the pics of the incident, But I just couldnt bring myself to do it.

I would encourage all of you to keep Eduardo in your thoughts and prayer this week, that he may be able to one day play again. Cause no one deserves to be hurt like that. and We must all take a chance to reflect on what we love in life and thank God we are able to do it.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

...I know Ben and them..

"and like spendin them"

Jay-Z-- Classic Gangster full album download via Gillmoreboy

EW breaks down the latest The Roots' album set to drop April 29th- 'Rising Down' --

**''BLACK'S RECONSTRUCTION'' Thought raps for 75 bars straight on this lyrical exercise, spitting effortless game".

Monopoly Money is now worth more than the US Dollar..

Top 10 Rap songs white people like..

Jordan XX3 drop this morning.. I got mine already! The Black joints are fire!!!

Feist- I Feel It All remix

Why not.. everyone else is doin it?? 10 Deep's Skate Team dropped a new film..

**Mac Air might be comin sooner than I expected.. My HP keeps talkin shit to me.. screamin for help..If John Mayer stepped his game up, I must follow like a suit.. right?

Friday, February 22, 2008

7th Letter Of The Alphabet

Gotta grind harder, gotta grind smarter get some new workers, get some new product...

Im gonna plug it again Stuff White People Like is hilarious. #72 & #73 are killin me. Gentrification is everywhere, even in downtown Phoenix along with South Phoenix.

Meet Katerina Graham shes an actress and also a musician. She skates and shops at Alife, Im available KG.

Mike is right, those Supra Vaiders are so fresh. Maybe its because I have a thing for red shoes but I like these. Nick doesnt your cousin work for Supra? Size 11 please.

From Las Vegas in Magic, back to LA does anybody do it better than Mr Kim?

Speaking of Magic NYC OG Dante Ross was there as well.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cmonwlth x DC Gatsby

If you look closely you can see Jay Biz and Rome in the video.

Stay Gold

Got something in the mail today...

Thank you Benny Gold for the stickers. Very ill. Stay Gold!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

..Never a Drought..

"The joints just go up a few points extra"

Did anybody catch the season finale of Nip/Tuck?? Wow.. This season just further reassured me it's the most entertaining show on TV. If you haven't watched a full season.. don't even post a comment.

Have you forgot about- Chris "BirdMan" Anderson? He's In Vegas gettin his game tight, ready for the NBA to reinstate him.. Dude can go.. but member him in the dunk contest a few years back? lol

This is why I hate females.. Colder than a Hookers Heart..

Recently I picked up the OG DC Gatsby's.. but Rome lets talk-- I need these in sz14-

America catch up.. on this, and so many other things around the world.. **Which I'll post when my season wraps up in April and I give my final report on Japan Livin'..

Cassie in the new GQ magazine..

One of the dopiest tat's I've seen in a minute- Inspiration to get inked up, upon my return to the States... 90% sure that cat doesn't even speak english..

Usher- I Can't Win

This song has been embedded in my brain for days now.. and it doesn't wanna leave..

by edbangerrecords

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

White Girl

A legend in two games like I'm Pee Wee Kirkland...

The Demise of the Sneaker Culture. Truer words have never been spoken. Growing up I "collected" kicks because I played basketball and love staying fresh. It seems these days kids buy anything with an "SB" tag on them. Ugh!

Im sure by now youve seen the naked Lindsay Lohan pics. If not here, here, here and here. I was disappointed a few years ago she had potential.

DJ Felli Fel ft. Kanye, Fab, JD and Neyo - Finer Things I think this is off of Kanye's new mixtape. Not really feelin this, and I like JD productions usually.

Work work work of a pro skater. The title of that post fits me right now. Workin 2 jobs about to start a 3rd next week. Everyone's grindin folks, good to see Jimmy Gorecki back on the board.

Speaking of Jimmy Gorecki he has a shop in Miami Air Traffic Control.

Don Poppa- blog

Dewitz, John Mayer approves of the Air. I mean at this point is there any other option?

Monday, February 18, 2008

..I sized up the bol..

This is what we been waitin for? Are you serious? Did Tank even train for this fight? Maybe at dollar beer night... lol @ his man boobs and that gut hangin over his trunks...
Kimbo got his diesel on though..

Kimbo, please fight someone real next time.... Tank is 40 years old....


That buck that bought a bottle coulda struck the lotto...

Rick Ross- That Girl Freestyle

COMME des Garcons Guerilla Store in LA. Damn.

These Stussy specs are fresh.

Jigga x Lebron party pictures from All Star Weekend.

Stuff White People Like
-blog hahaha

The south is responsible for some trash in terms of hip hop. Seems like at times all they are worried about is the "club banger". But this Hurricane Chris song is my cut. Can anyone guess the group they sampled?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

..I'm Inspired..

"When people don't like me"

Whats goin on with all these NBA Live type trades? you know the kind where you trade to stack your own team..?? Bibby traded to ATL for 4 average or below average players for one of the best points in the league? The ATL made a serious move.. Bibby, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, and Rookie of The Year Al Horford- Damn thats a scary line up..

Member these?? He had everyone pumpin their toungue's up... lol

Even though Dunks are becoming the new played out version of AF1's... I still want a Dave White authentic

Roger Clemens is the new Barry Bonds- crazy how one thing can fuck up your whole career. Smarten Up!

Anybody have/used the new Mac Book Air?? I've heard mixed reviews, and I plan on coppin one in May..

My State of Mind Purple

I dont like the way P-Diddy did Shyne wit different lawyers...

Pete Rock feat Redman- Best Believe

I would never take a charge if I didnt do anything wrong. Spend that million, wrap sheets stick with you for life.

Union LA has an online shop.

City People on the skate tip.

One of the best EVER Mike Carroll interview.

Don C, Kanye's right hand man has a blog.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Classic: Shorty Swing My Way

Necktie Series II

"Me against the world baby"

So I'm part of the recognition crew at the necktie jungle.
It's kind of like being on the party-planning committee for you Office fans.

I participate cause we get free lunch everytime we meet and mami in the controller department ain't so bad to look at either.

Long story short I was in charge of February, Black History Month.

So one of the things I did was put a 2008 calendar of black facts I found on the internet to let them know that you don't need a month to celebrate culture and gain some knowledge about history.

Well, Human Resources came up to me the other day and said that someone had complained and I needed to take it down.

I asked what was wrong with the calendar?

They said that everything was cool except for June 16th.

Rest in Peace Tupac Shakur...

Got a table at LAX tomorrow night. Update you.

Dunk you very much!

With the Dunk Contest only 2 days away.. "It would be in good taste" to post these 4 videos.. Damn there alot of cats gettin dunked on-- and in numerical order here are my picks.

This years champion goes to --- Jamario Moon-- Top 10 Career Dunks

Dwight Howard's Top 10 Career Dunks

Gerald Green's Top 10 Career Dunks

Rudy Gay's Top 10 Career Dunks

p.s... I'm tryin to incorporate that line into daily conversations- "It would be in good taste....".

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Early This Morning

West Coast...the best hoe!

Team Ice Cream blog

Magic Day 1 through the eyes of Switch.

Brightest Young Things

The Now trailer for Transworlds new video.

I'm tired more after work tomorrow morning...

Flashing Lights

20K Money Makin Brothers...

I'm thinkin bout takin my own life, might as well, they might not sell weed in hell...

A new dimension in sound
...Stereo's new video.

While were on the skate tip Inside The Lakai Design Deparment. OG Lakai/Supreme/Stussy rider Scott Johnson works for them. Lakai or Die!

Pitbull(the rapper) gets hit by a bottle.

I am an HBO junkie. Sopranos, The Wire, Entourage and now In Treatment. This show is crazy, good tv right here folks. It was dope to see that Mark Wahlberg Executive Produced this. Marky Mark is a beast, good vibrations Mark!

'Ye updated with all his grammy pics.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ez Up!!

"A Tribute to J Dilla"- Slum Village

Japanese dude were flippin me off for being on stage- Lawry's

T3 = good people's

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Slum Village show out here in Japan... "A Tribute to J Dilla" The show was dope to say the least.. T3 and Elzhi are hella down to earth dudes, chopped it up with 'em for a while before they took the stage... and as you can see I was right up on stage with 'em.. rockin it-- Good look T3!!
But I was trippin by how many japanese cats even knew who S.Villa is.. let alone they were rockin to every word.. speakin perfect English... and in the city i'm livin(Sendai), you don't find to many people who speak English.. but damn if they didn't know every lyric... I thought I was back in America for a minute..
**The pics arnt to good, as the club was overdoin the fog machine...
Old Girl

You Got To Show Me Love

This post from Rome was ill.

Then I saw this on youtube. Damn anybody remember this from the 90's? Power 92 in Phoenix used to play some ill dance/house music.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bodymore, Murdaland

I got a style that a lot of people dont get, but hipsters and skateboarders is feelin it.

Coco in Playboy wow wow wow (not work safe).

2nd II None- The Shit unreleased album from Death Row produced by Dj Quik. If youre from the west you should know about 2nd II None.

CNN feat Foxy Brown Bang Bang

This dude is a LAME. I mean was it that serious?

Realmangojuice is killin it right now. From the DC x Cmon party pics to the swag post. Rick Ross is my current favorite rapper, BOSS!!!

These Bape rain jackets are tuff. Nick I want a Bape tee when you come home. I'll have the money waiting for you.

Did you see the Grammys? My thoughts...

Nas on the red carpet, people gonna have a field day with this album title.

-Is Amy Winehouse song life imitating art or art imitating life?

-Kanye x Daft Punk was ill. CBS was hella rude for starting the music when he was speaking about his mother?

-Hahaha @ the dude that dissed Kanye. "Have the Beatles handed you a Grammy Kanye?"
-Alicia Keys thighs are from GOD.

-Rhianna is tuff, island girls are craze though.

-Young Dro and Fantasia are together? They looked happy at the Grammys and Dro was fitted. Thats a country ass couple if I ever saw one.

Kanye performance of Stronger& Hey Mama

Saturday, February 9, 2008

'08 till Infinity

Opio from the 'Souls of Mischief' new single "Stop the Press" off his new album "Vulture’s Wisdom", set to drop sometime in April.
And damn if he ain't spittin on this song.. Shout out to Kellen who put me on Souls and Hiero back in '99, (and alot of other shit but thats another story)--
I'm lookin forward to this album.. Authentic hip hop people

Via- the man who doesn't sleep

Friday, February 8, 2008

Hustle & Flow

Step your game up boy hustle harder

My girl ajb is doin her thing out in Hollywood, and needs your vote.

She's been hustlin hard as I've seen it done and could use some help dreamin live.

The website's a little slow but you can check her out here and show some luv.

Where I'm From

As we travel down highway 101 the scenic route...

I had a conversation the other day with my brother about the lack of love Arizona gets. We just had the Super Bowl and FBR all in one weekend. The valley for a few days felt like Vegas even if it was for 4 days.

I'll start with the bad side of living in the Phoenix area:
-3 months of dry heat, but you get used to it.
-Lack of entertainment in the valley. It seems that hardly any artists come here other than for a major tour.
-Scottsdale is like a fake LA. Its LA for people who cant afford to live in LA.
-Lack of shopping. We have no "streetwear" shops which can be a good or bad thing. People live to go to the mall out here.
-NO hip hop scene at all, a place like Cinespace could be huge out here.
The Goodness of living in the Phoenix area:
-We are 45 minutes on a plane from Vegas and LA. Both plane tickets are cheap.
-Summer, yeah its hot but thats an excuse for girls in bikinis. Pool parties are where you will see some of the baddest chicks on the planet.
-Scottsdale its expensive, but again some of the baddest chicks in the country at these clubs.
-FBR and Suns games...women, women, women!!!
-Cost of living is dumb cheap out here. Yeah you may live in the city but your paying $1500 a month for an apartment the size of my room. That $1500 out here can get you a 4 bedroom house out here with plenty of room. Yes, I know its a trade off.
-Last but not least its February and youre in The North Face's 2008 collection. I'm in this weather.
See you in February 2009 for the NBA-All Star game.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Rulers Back

I aint a R & B dude...

Never been a big r&b dude besides obvious early to mid 90's classic groups. One cat thats been consistent is Usher. Dude is back and I agree with Skeet Skeet that this song is gonna be HUGE. Jeezy on the track, Polow on the beat Usher's back.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Put me in Coach!

I am going back and forth with this trade... Shaq for 'The Matrix' & Marcus Banks??
First response was hell no, Shaq is washed up. But then it got me thinkin.. Is Shaq finished with hoop or is he just not motivated anymore in Miami? This trade is gonna spark the big fella.. and cause trouble in the West!! D'Antoni doesn't even trip on practice.. 30 min at max-(This is straight from a suns players mouth)This could be a great move for both teams.. Shaq can rest until playoffs then come in and give people fits. 20/10 easy.. Thats the only thing suns have been missing these past 2-3 years.. No big man. The Championship could be headed to the Valley of the Sun real soon!
Also, It's a great move for Miami, Marcus Banks is a sleeping monster who can flat out play.. D'Antoni has been keepin him on the bench and playin Steve way to much.. another reason why Suns never win come playoff time.. to many minutes logged in the regular season.. Should of been gave Marcus more tick.. but mark my words.. Banks will blow up in Miami.. And Shawn is gonna do what he does every night... get fast break dunks, shoot ugly jumpers, and play poker after the game(who cares)... So after all this goes does... Phx > Miami

The greatest Bill Walton sound bite ever- From the Valley of the Sun

Does it get any better than this??

One For Peedi

Battlecat, why you make a beat like this?

More Super Bowl coverage here.

San Francisco has always been a sick city to me. SkateNC has a Tribute to SF.

Curren$y-Props to Tribe

Kid Sister and A-Trak
this show looked ill. Spotted over at Glenjamn.

The Low Bee Forum has bangers, dig for some classic house, dance, hip hop etc.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Weekend Part 2

This old dude was hustlin all night

Super Bowl Weekend Part 1

Super Bowl Weekend was sick. Caught Snoop and The Dogg Pound also headed over to the TPC for the FBR. Went to a NFL Hall of Fame players party which was ill. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Thank You to Timmy, Cassandra and The Naza family for making my weekend. Highlights were when some fans were talkin shit to Andre Reed in the men's bathroom. Also Mike Ditka looked mad the entire night. And another shout out to Sean Salisbury of ESPN fame. I got to talk to him and he was one of the coolest cats I've ever met.

..I just crush alot!

Wyclef Superbowl weekend @ the 944 party. Takin shots at Curtis, and bring up 30 naughty girls on stage.. That's how we get down in Phx!!

This is what I missed- and it's only the half of it..

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Only Black Kid At FBR

Haha @ the title of this post, but not really. First off lemme say Super Bowl weekend has been CRACK so far. Saw Snoop and The Dogg Pound last night in Scottsdale. Now we have super VIP passes to the FBR thanks to the Korean Puff Daddy. Ive never been to a golf tournament in my life and Ive heard nothing but good things about this. Pics from the weekend will be up after I recover. Yeeeeeee!!!

..Nah I use Philly Blunt...

Might be my favorite song of all time.... It's easy Top 5

Friday, February 1, 2008

You Aint Start Out From Your Trunk, Then Reach the Roof...

...Just to put the roof in the trunk

Turns out Hov wasnt lying, Last year he became the highest earner in hip-hop. He made a big jump from the sale of Rocawear. Check out the link(, Its crazy how much money these dudes make, and the majority of the money doesn't come from rapping. I knew Jigga was doing it big, but I never knew how big.

..I got my swagger back..

Check the article about your boy in the Japan Times.. I'm global people...
"Exhibit A: He's had one or more dunks in 10 straight games". --haha