Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ez Up!!

"A Tribute to J Dilla"- Slum Village

Japanese dude were flippin me off for being on stage- Lawry's

T3 = good people's

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Slum Village show out here in Japan... "A Tribute to J Dilla" The show was dope to say the least.. T3 and Elzhi are hella down to earth dudes, chopped it up with 'em for a while before they took the stage... and as you can see I was right up on stage with 'em.. rockin it-- Good look T3!!
But I was trippin by how many japanese cats even knew who S.Villa is.. let alone they were rockin to every word.. speakin perfect English... and in the city i'm livin(Sendai), you don't find to many people who speak English.. but damn if they didn't know every lyric... I thought I was back in America for a minute..
**The pics arnt to good, as the club was overdoin the fog machine...
Old Girl


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