Saturday, February 23, 2008

...I know Ben and them..

"and like spendin them"

Jay-Z-- Classic Gangster full album download via Gillmoreboy

EW breaks down the latest The Roots' album set to drop April 29th- 'Rising Down' --

**''BLACK'S RECONSTRUCTION'' Thought raps for 75 bars straight on this lyrical exercise, spitting effortless game".

Monopoly Money is now worth more than the US Dollar..

Top 10 Rap songs white people like..

Jordan XX3 drop this morning.. I got mine already! The Black joints are fire!!!

Feist- I Feel It All remix

Why not.. everyone else is doin it?? 10 Deep's Skate Team dropped a new film..

**Mac Air might be comin sooner than I expected.. My HP keeps talkin shit to me.. screamin for help..If John Mayer stepped his game up, I must follow like a suit.. right?


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