Tuesday, June 19, 2007

...Keep My Eye on the Parmesan...

"And I'm just lightin up my.. La la la"

Mike over @ Jesus Piece is really doin it right now. Dope ass daily updates on his page as he stays with all the hot music that I jack from him. He did a great article on Juvenile. I remember in 1999 when I pilfered 400 degrees from Circuit City, not knowin a damn thing about Juvy besides the cover was ill as fuck...
Juvenile feat. Mannie Fresh- "Who Can I Run 2"

Tim Hardaway's Air Bakin are retro-ing this summer

How to save your crackberry after you drop it in a puddle of water.. Got Rice?

The best shooting Big Man there is?? I doubt it.. dude seems kinda soft to me..

Skateboarding in the 2012 Olympic Games in London??

Countries not on the metric system.. Wow

Pesky Humans-LA graffiti artist. Dope blog for the taggers and such-

Michael Moore's new documentary on US Health care "Sicko" was leaked on Youtube/Google, I had the video for you to watch and went to post it, and they scratched it. And.. the Government is trying to shut the movie down???

T.I. feat Eminem- "Touchdown" Sounds kinda like a down south version of "Welcome to D- Block" Might be hot though, need the full version

T.I. vs T.I.P. preview

Jadakiss- "Smile"

Freeway fest. Jay-Z- "Big Spender"

Top 10 Baseball Stadiums

The Rideable Vacume?? Haha.. this shit is straight clown town...

Top 50- Most Expensive Cities in the World

Jonathan Mannion is one of the sickest photographers in the game right now.. Check the interview via. Format Mag

I'm headed to Mexico tomorrow for a nice little vacation-- Blaze 2 get at me in the mornin-

I see you MJ ~


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