Monday, June 18, 2007

All Hail The King

The League is yours, now act like it...

So we come to the end of another NBA season, and I will say that it was a good one. even tho lebron got swept, you still have to give the kid credit for dragging that bummy ass team to the finals. So that got me to thinking, if he is the real deal now he should do something that only he could do...

Change the name on the back of his jersey, to me that would be ill. He could do something extra hollywood and put "King James" on the back or if he wanted to be a G he could pull the Zeke.

Yeah that would be hot

I dont see why he couldnt do it, nobody says you have to have your last name on the joint. Yao Ming does it, among others.

I mean this can backfire, and you can look like a clown. Anybody remember "He Hate Me"? Im sure we all do, but for all the wrong reasons.

And you know I couldn't end this without a soccer reference, but trust me it worth it. Adolfo Bautista is a Mexican soccer player who plays for Chivas Guadalajara. he used to be a sucker and play games with his Government name on his back, but he changed all that when his mother passed, so what did he do? He not only changed his number to 100, a number that I have never heard of in sports, but he changed his name on the back to "Bofo My Angel", because that is what his moms used to call him.

You gotta respect that...

You Aint Heard?


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