Sunday, August 19, 2007

The game is cold, but it's gravy..

"It's All Natural"

This China Draft is finally over, just spent a week in Hawaii. Anytime you get a free trip to the islands its a good thing. Even though, I didn't get drafted (in the past 10 years only 2 white players have been drafted) not a good look for myself.. At any rate, while I was out there, had to make a stop at In4mation and Kicks/Hi.

Lupe Fiasco- "Wake Up In Tokyo" off The Cool

Finally got this UGK downloaded, and it stays in HEAVY rotation.. #1 Album in the country.

I really hope everyone caught the Roast of Flava Flav- Had me in stitches the whole time...

Japanese Sewers, Crazy-So advanced it's stupid- I need to get signed in Japan.

Step yer watch game up- Kepler 100k$

Holla- "We want Prenup, We want Prenup.." Think you know?

It's dumb late, still on that Hawaii time, more in the ante meridiem


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