Wednesday, August 8, 2007

..Grind Time Rap Game..

"What can ya do.. when no ones lookin at you"

As Kellen said, we been on our super grind right now.. Summer time is my time to get my shit straight with this hoop thing... Last week I went to this USBA camp/tryout for the China Super league. The camp was out in the middle of the docks, no Internet for a week. But I did put in work, lead the camp in every stat besides rebounds.. So I earned myself an invite to Hawaii this Sunday for the actual China Draft. Big Money over there yeee!!! Then my grandpa passed away, 92 years old.. dude was a G. So my bloggin has been on hold for a minute. Kellen been holdin it down strong though..
But all this still ain't stopped me from catchin Entourage- Might be the best season yet.. Suits suck-

Picked up the new Common, finally nice to have some real hip hop and not all this snap music that's been floddin the radio.. I also need that UGK album. any one have it? let me know what you think.. Okay Player gave it 4.5 out of 5 said: "one of the best hip-hop albums in years, period."

UGK- "How Long Can It Last" feat. Charlie Wilson

On my way back to Oregon I made a stop at Just Be and Upper Playground. 2 very ill boutiques in the Portland area. Just Be didn't have nathen in my size, but very dope shop. Upper Playground is a hidden gem, defiantly gonna be a regular in that shop, right now they got dope artwork from Ricky Powell. Picked up a couple T's and the Fall ish of Antenna Magazine.

Jesus- I think the Celtics already have enough players, and too little balls to go around (no homo).. and yet the Super Ball Hog 42 year old Reggie Miller is pondering a comeback?? Keep your old annoying ass in the broadcast booth.. Even though you sound worse than Sean Elliott..

NBA rookie photo shoot

Fine Living- 10 Best Shopping Malls

Nike x Transformer Pack droppin tomorrow Aug 9th

J-Dilla- Turn it Up/ restock.. Need that T.. fire

Top 5 Worst
Trends via. "Searching for my Swag"- "Your white T.... Well too me look like a night gown. Make ya momma proud, take that thang 2 sizes down"- Andre 3stacks.

New Apple iMac: very dope, but my next purchase is the MacBook- need a laptop for travels..
Nike's new film soon to drop- "Nothing but the Truth".



Blogger THE $ said...

damn i didn't even know nike was releasing another film. on tap was pretty nice.

August 8, 2007 at 9:28 PM  
Blogger DeWitz said...

I know right? Youtube has all the trailers for the movie. Could of posted any of em. All look like fire to me.

August 8, 2007 at 9:56 PM  

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