Friday, July 13, 2007

I Could Never Be A Thug, They Dont Dress This Well

One word... "Low life"

Wow I hate this cat, the first time I saw this clown was the Mcdonalds game, and I have hated him ever since. for whatever reason he gets on my last nerve. I swear he wakes up every morning and thinks of new ways to piss me off.

Lets Talk About It

Lets start with the hair, what is it? how does he look in the mirror and think that shit is hot. I doubt he even has a mirror, cause his hair is 3rd world ugly.

look at this picture and tell me you arent embarrased for him.

what the hell is he doing?

I think the thing that infuriates me the most about this dude, is that everything he does, he is actually trying to be cool. He is making a concerted effort to be that guy. so in effect he is working hard all day to look like an asshole

Somebody make it stop

Now I have to be honest, I hate this cat... but even I was shocked when I saw what he was rocking on draft night. I almost yacked when I saw his fit. I couldnt belive the audacity of this dude, to pull some shit like that. he lloks like he went to the Goodwill an hour earlier and thats the only suit he could find that was tailor made for 6 feet 10 inch clowns.

I'm Done...

I need to stop cause I'm starting to get upset.


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