Saturday, July 28, 2007

..I Don't Need No Money, I Got Mouth Piece..

I don't need no Iron, I'm already creased

NBA player got very humbled this week.. 78 copies??

The Undrafted in the NBA- Soooo.. your sayin there a chance??

Tallest building in Latin America. The design is super dope, but look's way out of place.

Nike CB34 "Godzilla" droppin soon.

5 Rear- entry possitions- No Homo

Just in time for the winter/snow. Timbo's X Alife

OG Calvin Klein talkin wreckless about Hova the God- "I Give him 10% of his life"-- Ayeee!

Jessica Alba is single again- Let's talk about it...

"99 problems, but a pitch aint one"!!! This Tshirt is so serious.....

The Dice Game goin on vacation just linked sooo many albums- Get on this asap if you don't have em yet.

If anyone seen that new Chamillionaire Video Hip/Hop police, its stright fuckin clown shoes.. He's actin as a CNN news anchor, rappin... I mean I really don't know what else there is to say about this wack ass shit... Is this what hip hop is now a days? I'm just gonna hot link it-> here

3/6 Mafia feat. The Game- "Like Money"

Fall Out Boy "This ain't a scene, it's an arms race"- Featuring a grip of people, Kanye, Travis from Gym Class Hero, Lupe, The Super mix

Rick Ross- Trilla


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