Wednesday, March 19, 2008


How about some hardcore yeah we like it raw!!!

For the most part hip hop sucks these days. Maybe in my old age of 25 I have a bit of an elitist attitude, maybe not. I just remember getting allowance every week and going to Circles Music Store in downtown Phoenix and copping something. The first record (as in vinyl) I bought was Marley Marl "The Symphony". I remember sitting at home on my Dads days off and we'd listen to that record all day.

Fast forward some time and 1993 hit. This could be my favorite year for hip hop. I bought "The Source Magazine" with some change that I had. Went to the album reviews section and was gonna cop something new for that week. They didnt have the first TAPE that I wanted so option #2 was Souls of Mischief 93 Til Infinity. This is my favorite album of all time and 1993 is my year for hip hop. With that tirade I present to you...

The Rub-1993 History of Hip Hop


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