Thursday, January 24, 2008

Still Spendin That Kriss Kross Money

I'm ya #1 fan, can ya write me back man??

When the talk of producers comes up I never hear anybody mention JD. Dude has made heaters for everyone under the sun in hip hop and R&B. Some classic tracks that I grew up on down below.

Kriss Kross- Alright I remember running home every day during the summer tryna catch this video on Rap City.

Da Brat- Give it to you this is classic JD right here. The Brat was slept on as far as female MC's even if JD was writing her rhymes.

Jon Phenom- blog sprinkled with fashion, music etc.

Reggie Bush after hearing that tape you're giving back the Heisman homie.

The Beatnuts- Stone Crazy

I watched Trainspotting last night after not seeing it in forever. Classic movie, what makes people wanna do heroin again?


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