Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just Like Tisha Did Martin

Now me and momma got a lot in common, we both like Common but we dont buy his albums...

As long as I can remember dudes always brought their work to the gym. I dont know why, to stunt in front of yer homies? Personally if I'm playin ball the last thing on my mind is some work. But thats where we differ I guess. As of late this has shown up in pro sports. Think Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson, which ended in a loss for the Cowboys.

The latest victim was Raptors perennial All-Star Chris Bosh on Sunday night. His cousin and girlfriend were front row talkin shit to Lebron who wasnt having his best game. Fellas, she can come to the game but draw the line somewhere. What if this had been a playoff game? Wouldnt be so funny to the Raptors if that were the case.

Dewitz, your dude had a career night against Denver.


Blogger DeWitz said...

D'Antoni needs to give him more burn... or trade the young bul..

Throw him on the Lake show? ahh man.. Marcus can go now..

D'Antoni said last yr in training camp.. "Marcus.. don't go so hard against Steve"

January 8, 2008 at 1:56 AM  

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