Thursday, April 3, 2008

Back In The Go Go

I'm Lennox outta Belly you see me walkin in slow mo'....

Damn Mike, you were a daily read for me. Come back soon homie!

Wale- Back in the go go. Song is dope, 2 things: Wale's album has the oppurtunity to be dope. If his project has substance, then watch out. It cant be an album dedicated to rapping about SB's and the newest streetwear. Number 2, Pusha Terrence is your favorite rappers favorite rapper. Uuugghhh!!!!

Extras were fighting on the set of NERD's Everyone Nose video. Everybody wants to be a star these days.

This Visvim bag is crazy!

Remember this? 90s dance is so ill!


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