Friday, January 2, 2009

Put Ya Drinks Up...

Soon as they seen the Benz hatin' season was in...

I seen Sir Charles takin' swigs off the Grey Goose bottle @ DP on Tuesday. Woke up to messages saying Chuck joined Team DUI. Charles you got money in the bank, get a personal driver dude!

Wanna see a million posers/hypebeasts in one place? The Supreme Warehouse Sale is gonna be a mess. I'm sure kids will be camping out for this. Blahhh

Best of 2008 through the eyes of The Berrics.

New music from the homie Carter and Dom Kennedy- The Preview

The Arab Parrot was staying @ a spot worse than Eddie Murphy in Boomerang hahahaha dude's blog is a good read.

Some EARLY 2009 Predictions:

1. Kid Cudi is gonna blow up.

2. Wale's album will be dope if his subject matter isn't sneakers, clothes etc.

3. People will be fighting and or shooting when the "Air Yeezy's" drop.

4. Max B will blow up also, dude is hilarious.


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