Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thats The Way Love Is!!!

This is black hoody rap...

Fashen- Shook...this is my SHIT right now.

Speakin of Fashen peep the blog, HERE. A new site from him is coming in January trust me you wont be disappointed.

Javier, A new video part is in order dont you think? Varial flip and double flip over the hydrant = steez for days!

You cant front, it was Dewayne's year in 2008. Thats why he leads everyone with 8 Grammy Nominations, whether you liked it or not everyone and their mom loves Weezy. My mom the other day said "I dont get why everyone loves Lil Wayne?".

Thanks ma! Her sons name is Kellen too!

A few things....

1. T-Pain was quoted as saying that Akon was a better hook singer than Nate Dogg. NIGGA!?!?!............

2. Plaxico! Before I hear anything else, understand my non-black people. There's a difference between NIGGAS and black people.

3. Kanye was #1 on the charts and he even said he had nothing to lose on this album. CRAZY!

4. Who's taking out the Lakers in the west? These dudes looked unreal the other night.

5. Did you see what Derrick Rose did to Andre Miller the other night????


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