Monday, December 8, 2008

..keep your eyes open..

"got my gunpowder and my musket.. blaaaw"

ahhh... 13 days and I'm back in the states.. Only for a week though.. but there's nothin like home when your livin in a foreign country.. not to mention when the doors are 5 feet high and I'm 6'8.. It's gonna be nice to lay on a full size couch and a big screen tv... it don't mean shit to you, I'm just day dreamin as I write this... but the simple things you miss while living overseas.. ugh!

Jay-Z feat. Fela Kuti- 'Sweet'

Big homie Jerome Baker III recently dropped a nice mix- Classic House Mix

Clipse- Play Clothes Mixtape "Road till the casket drops" Kell already dropped a couple of quotables from the mixtape.. thats just a preview.. Although they proclaim they are the best hip hop due of all time... Somebody needs to smack them... umm.. Outkast?? anyone dissagree??

These are super sweet.. Supra 'Grapes'

E-40 Earl..!!!!!

Ever since Mac Dre passed, 40 hasnt been the same... this is a heater though.. dl here


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