Wednesday, December 3, 2008

..can't relate with me..

"Since 'ye, ive been workin on my spaceship"

Music that should be in your daily rotation-
Common X Chester French X SantoGold

From the sounds of it so far, Universal Mind Control is gonna blow peoples minds... I'm only gonna give you 2 tracks that already leaked, then you should go buy the album, same with Chester French... get busy-

Punch Drunk Love feat. Kanye- This song goes super hard(n.h.) good music right here people..
"I feel like it's home when I'm in between your thighs" true story

Chester French is for real, dudes went to Harvard and now it's major moves...

If you havnt heard Chester French's- She Loves Everbody- your on vacation.. Gets major play in my ipod right now...
*iPod on these Japanese Subways = a must have

Santogold- Shove It
I know Jay jumped on the Brooklyn Goes Hard rmx for the Notorious soundtrack, but I think the OG version is better... just sayin..

and... Mos Def- Life In Marvelous Times- this is classic might mos at his best..


Blogger Joe said...

Good look with those cuts. Common and ye, so serious. Chester French was dope too. I need to up my link game. One of those was broken by the time I got to it.

December 5, 2008 at 10:00 AM  

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