Friday, October 10, 2008

Life in Osaka

Little update on how I'm livin in Japan..

What can I say?Life is good out here! I’m living in a 2 bedroom apartment and the doorways are a mear 5 feet high, which makes it awesome when you have to wake up at 4am to relieve yourself, or during those intoxicated nights when you forget they are 5 feet high.

When people ask me about Japan they usually start with the question “how is the food” and I tell them, its Oishii! Which means delicious in Japanese(yeah my Japanese is niiiice). We have a lot of American food out here, and Osaka is known as the "nation's kitchen. Of course we have McDonalds. But we also have Wendy’s(late night frostys!!), Subway, Pizza Hut, Hard Rock Cafe, and my 'go to' Outback!! We even have an American dude who's from Ohio, who owns his own Pizza shop downstairs from my apt which is crutial cause I get way to lazy to cook some times..
Yes I do cook.. and I’m kinda nice in the kitchen! When your overseas you find out how creative your cookin skills can get.. A young Bobby Flay if you will..

So as you can tell- food is not a problem out here.... And if your wondering about Japanese food... Yeah, im not a huge fan, mostly because I don’t get down with seafood to much, besides Scrimp and Crab... But my favorite Japanese ‘cuisine’ would be Shabu Shabu (Chang and Josh you know what’s up) or Sukiyaki.. To break it down.. It’s pretty much boiling meat in a little bit of water and sweet sauce, with a gang of vegetables and rice.. oh and a raw egg.. which is the best part.. I was scared of raw egg my first time too.. But its crack, and I can’t get enough now..

TV shows get me thru my days out here... I just started watching Dexter, arguably the best show on TV right now... In a close second, Califorincation.. Besides that, finishing Weeds which is also crack... Seems like HBO has fell off hard, Entourage constantly lets me down after every episode.. Ari is the sole reason I continue to watching.. Come on Doug Ellen, step your writing game up!

The time is now!!! It’s official.. The season starts tomorrow 11th. We open the season on the road @ Shiga, and please believe were ready to get in that ass(no homo) and show them what Osaka is about. Were on a mission: 4 peat!!! Simple as that, anything less would be a disappointment... I’ve never won a championship in my life, and I’m trying to change that this season... (I wasn't on the team the previous 3 championships)

Get your passport game up, and get some stamps in it. Come visit...
If you never leave your hometown, you never get a chance to embrace other cultures and people. There is so much to see around the world... 

Think Globally, Not Locally...


Blogger Aaron said...

Best of luck this season...take care of business!!

October 11, 2008 at 3:06 PM  
Anonymous Mak said...

Stay healthy Fam, this is the MVP season.

October 11, 2008 at 9:44 PM  
Blogger Jaeho said...

Think globally not locally!!!

4 Peat son!

October 13, 2008 at 1:22 PM  

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