Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Livin' Your Life

I dunno whats wrong me, but I'ma keep that styrofoam wit'me...

Rome's got some new mixes up, peep them here!

Ras Kass- Rassassination

Steph your time is over as a Knick. Dude is one of the biggest cancers in sports. It'll be interesting to see who takes a chance on him.

Damn, Jonathan Bender is outta the League but dude is making moves. These stories rarely turn out like this, good for him. Wow @ dude only being 25, thats crazy.

Some thoughts for AM and Travis through A-Trak. This whole story still blows me away. I got the chance to see AM twice a few months ago. I got to meet and see Travis Barker last summer, both super cool and talented dudes. Next to a few artists I think these dudes are the most important people in music right now.


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