Tuesday, December 11, 2007

..We $pend like its nothin... right?

So since my coach won't let the Americans go home for Xmas, he was kind enough and give us 5 days off since we are in 1st place.. So with this break, were planning a trip to Macau. Which is a little island about an hour from Hong Kong. It's pretty much the NEO- Vegas of Asia..

"As of the end of 2006, Macau became the largest and fastest-growing gaming market in the world, and has surpassed the Las Vegas Strip in total revenues. According to statistics provided by the Macau government, in 2006, Macau's gaming revenues exceeded US$7 billion, surpassing the Las Vegas Strip gaming revenues of US$6.6 billion".

But I might end up losing alot of money considering it did gross the more money last year than Vegas... In other words, I'm gonna have a great time-

Should be retarded!

Google this place!

Step yer Global game up people... So many places to see.. So little time.. Make it happen when opportunities arise

pics via hin


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