Friday, December 28, 2007

I Forgot

Us Cowboys dont need you we Bill Parcells...

Joe Budden aka Regular Joe is focused. Dude was aggy when he went to see Green Lantern. Good look on whoever put that "Last Dayz" beat on, Onyx was dope. Had a talk with Dupont Menage about Joey. Hov didnt do shit at Def Jam, co-signed a few artists (spit a verse on their song) and kept it movin. One thing I agreed with Menage was that unlike other Def Jam artists Joey doesnt have a movement, he has a following. Joey is my favorite introspective artist and is gonna kill it in 2008.

I forgot a few things on my 2007 list.

Site of the Year
Inquiring Mind- the Canadian buls get it poppin.

Shoes of the Year
Common Projects-these are fresh on that grown man tip. Dont let the price scare you.

Sam Sparro is gonna be HUGE in 2008

Nikki Jean of Nouveau Riche is dope. Shes been on her grind for a minute. I'll let the video speak for itself.


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