Saturday, December 8, 2007

..Can ya work with that...

So I just got back from my trip this weekend in Shibuya, JPN.. Its the fashion capitol of Tokyo.. The whole atmosphere of that ward is dope, you know its fresh when your walkin down the streets and they got big as speakers posted on the street lights rockin Japanese hip-hop.. ill... Couldn't even listen to my ipod.. Great trip, and everyone who likes street wear needs to and should make a trip out to Shibuya at least once... nothin's like it... TRUST

Brand new Bape store just opened in Oct.

The display case is like the shit you see at Baskin Robins.. Clean.

Just a random shot inside, before they told me "no pictures"

When you walk in the doors, they got this shoe display under glass, and the shoes are on a conveyor belt type thing..

Right across the street, I mean not even 10 steps was Stussy^^

Damn I dropped way to much money this weekend.. $70 just for a T?? Why not?

Shot inside of Stussy....
I got more pics from this weekend that I need to post, but I need sleep, back to back games this weekend.. Sheesh!! and I just dropped 31 tonight.. I don't do much.


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