Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the '07 Ice Cube..

Another banger directed by non other than your boy RIK CORDERO- the dude does not sleep...

B. Sigel feat Styles P- You Ain't Ready

This video is straight gutter, makes me wanna go out on the streets and hit somebody.. nah not really, But real talk.. these 2 cats might be the gulliest..

I still need to pick up that Freeway album.. Beans album drops Dec 11th- Next week.. cop both

Member back in '01 when Beans and Jada were throwin heaters at each other.. man that was one of the best battles ever.. Now a days most battle's arnt even worth listening to...

I know we've been super heavy on the youtube links.. but were gettin this thing crackin shortly... Don't turn the light switch out yet..


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