Saturday, October 27, 2007

..I'm a Monster..

"Everyday is Halloween"

“We got some new news,” Weezy said. “[The December 18 release] is gonna be called Tha Carter III, but it’s gonna be called The Leak as well because I get leaked so much. My music got leaked this whole year. One thing I noticed, when another person’s album gets leaked, it’s a whole thing; they’re distraught. When my song gets leaked, people call and say, ‘It’s the greatest song. Can I have it for this album?’ Or ‘Can I put it on this soundtrack? Can we get the ringtone?’ It’s never, ‘Damn, dude, your music leaked.’ So what we feel, we’re gonna give you what you want. We’re gonna give you the leak. Every song that was leaked is coming out on December 18 — and we have four new songs. The song ‘Gossip’ is gonna be the first single from that album. I’mma shoot the video for that in about a week.” with the official Tha Carter III LP to follow around Valentine's Day.

Listen/Download Gossip- Let me know what you think..

Personally, you would have to be crazy to not have Wayne in your top 3 right now.. Dude lives in the booth.. Every time you turn around the bol has a new mixtape out...

"I wake up," says Wayne, "smoke weed, fuck bitches, get my dick sucked...and do this shit...What am I supposed to do, take a vacation? You got a job, but this the vacation right here".

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