Thursday, October 18, 2007

..My Fist Never Bruise..

"And I NEVER lose"

Nike SB Ads Collection always fresh with it..

Warhol's World starts this Sat people..

Blogs is Watching- by Nonsense(selling out quickly)..

Great interview with Nigo/A Bathing Ape- quite long, but very informative.. Didn't know the good folks in Japan don't get down with him like that anymore... via. BTY(also be sure to check Rome's interview with 9th Wonder later this week)

Myspace X Skype-- such a good look..

A $25k investment is well worth it for 50+ NBA'ers in the summer time.. *A former teammate of mine was there this summer preparing for the draft, said the workouts are bananas*

Nike X Huf- Air Max 90's

Kanye freestyle over A Million and One Questions

Freeway- Paper Gangsters
*Bonus* Politics as Usual

Lil' Wayne- Burn this City- feat. Twista- Allegedly off the Carter III

C'mon parents??


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