Thursday, September 20, 2007

Does Anybody Make Real Shit Anymore??

Ya ya.. ya boy!! The greatest of all time is back at it again.. I guess Def Jam couldn't leave the 4th quarter alone.. Jay-Z is droppin his 2nd album post retirement.. Album is named after the new flick "American Gangster" Such a good look/year for hip hop(and they say hip hop is dead? ha). First single off the album called "Blue Magic" It's a radio rip but you can tell its packin heat.. American Gangster is set to drop Nov 6th, but it will eventually get pushed back till black friday.. Ahhh.. this means I gotta to plug my ears, fight my friends, quit reading blogs, the whole shit for another 2 months until the album drops?? Fuck that--I just waited a month for "Graduation" to drop.. There's only a handful of artist who I give my money too- 'Ye and Jay deff fall in that mix.. Not many people get my green backs...


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